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Langtang is situated close to the Tibetan border. A remote valley enclosed by snow-capped mountains that culminates in the peak of Langtang Lirung (7246m). It is all part of the beautiful Langtang National Park. Among the deep valleys and high peaks lives both the Tamang and Tibetan people who have cohabitated here side by side for generations. Our trek begins through larch & rhododendron forests that are abundant with various wildflowers & birds. During the spring season the rhododendron are in full bloom transforming it into a forest garden. Some of the many lakes and mountain streams we pass are considered sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. One special lake we will see on our trek is Gosainkunda Lake. Many people make a yearly pilgrimage in August to this site. Not only does this trek contain natural sacred sites, but also solitary Buddhist monasteries such as Gompa in Kyanjin. There is plenty of time to relax and explore the area as we approach the glacier. If time allows and the desire exists we can climb a nearby peak for stupendous mountain views. From there, we will pass by Gosainkunda Lake and make our way towards Helambu through the Laurebina Pass at 4610 meters. Though the pass is high and challenging you will be rewarded with stunning views of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and you may even see as far as the Annapurna massif. The trek becomes less demanding as we walk along a series of undulating ridges before descending to the edge of Kathmandu. 

Directly north of the city of Kathmandu and close to the border of Tibet is the region called Helambu (in Tibetan it's called "Beyul", Hidden Valley). This Nepali name is derived from two famous staple foods which are grown in abundance in Yolmo. Hey is the term for the Yolmo potato and Labu is the word for the large white radish. Both feature prominently in local cuisine as well as many Tibetan dishes throughout Nepal and Tibet. In the Valley of Yolmo people or Yolmopa are ethnically Tibetan. Their ancestors migrated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries from the Kyirong region of Tibet. They speak a dialect of the Tibetan language called Yolmo, but also speak Nepali. Yolmo is famous for its innumerable holy and sacred sites. Among these famous sites are a series of sacred caves where secluded meditation practices occurred.  Two well-known caves are Takphug Senge Dzong (The Tiger Cave Lion Fortress) just below the village of Tarkye Gyang, where Milarepa sang his "Song of a Yogi's Joys", and Yangdak Chokgi Trakpuk (Completely Pure Supreme Cave) which is locally known as "Druphug" (Cave of Accomplishment) that sits at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Nearby there is a small cave called "Khandro Sangphug" (The Dakini's Secret Cave) where Milerpas consort, Shakya Denma (Shakya Devi) stayed. Yet another sacred cave is found in Pemthang (Tibetan: Chema Thang--Sandy Flats). It’s located in a small hidden valley within Yolmo. There is another cave of Guru Rinpoche in Yolmo, re-discovered by Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche in 1984, which is called Yanglesho (not to be confused with a renowned cave of the same name in Pharping, Nepal). Near the village of Sermathang. Finally the cave in which Padmasambhava meditated is named "Nyida Rangchung" (Naturally Appearing Sun and Moon). Although Yolmopa are sometimes called Sherpas and they occasionally do refer to themselves as Sherpas, there is no common ancestry. The Sherpas live about 50 miles east of the valley in Nepal's Solu Khumbu region, near Mt. Everest. The Sherpa people also migrated from Tibet, but they came earlier and speak a different Tibetan dialect. Though the people of Yolmo are separated by generations from Tibet, they still are ethnically Tibetan and maintain the customs and celebrate the same holy days as all Tibetans.

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Langtang Valley Trek, 11 Days

from 1.555 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Langtang valley is located north of Kathmandu valley and sits in narrow mountain valleys at the foot of the Himalayas. The trails of Langtang Valley Trek offers the surreal world of mountains, glaciers, forests, and rivers. The scenery of Langtang region is remarkable and enthralling at the same time. Langtang Valley Trek rewards you with ethnic villages and monasteries that depict the distinct...

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Langtang Valley Trek for families, 10 Days

/ from 715 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
With an opportunity to witness the beauty of the Langtang Himal range and to peek into the Tamang culture, Langtang Valley Trek for families is one of the most popular and viable family treks in Nepal. As Langtang valley is located north of the Kathmandu valley, this trek is ideal for families with children who want to expose their children to the world away from their busy lives. Langtang...

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Horse Riding Trek to Langtang Valley (with children or without), 11 Days

/ from 1.520 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Being one of the most popular trekking trails in Nepal, Langtang Valley offers a mix of snow-clad Himalayas, lush hills, and various rivers and rivulets along with several ethnic villages of the Tamang community. Horseback Riding Trek to Langtang Valley with Children or without is specially designed for you, families with children, small groups and solo travelers who wish to trek in Nepal...

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Helambu Circuit Trek for families (Going to Yolmoland), 9 Days

/ from 635 USD / Days: 9 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Helambu Circuit Trek with Children is an ideal short trek near the Kathmandu valley which can be enjoyed by the entire family for being a low altitude trek with moderate difficulty. Despite being so close to Kathmandu, the natural beauty and traditional culture of the Helambu region remains unspoiled. Trekking along the classic Himalayan foothills, you get to explore the Buddhist monasteries and...

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Helambu Valley Cultural Trek for families, 8 Days

/ from 585 USD / Days: 8 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Helambu Valley Cultural Trek for families is a low altitude short trek near the capital city of Kathmandu which is just the ideal holiday destination for families looking forward to family trekking in Nepal. This trek covers traversing through Hyolmo villages along a diverse range of green valleys and lush forests with magnificent mountain views. The trek acquaints you and your children with...

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Gosaikunda Lake and Helambu Trek traverse Lauribinayak-La Pass, 10 Days

/ from 1.225 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Beautiful lakes, majestic mountains, rivers, and deep forests, this is what you will enjoy during the Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu Trek. Lying in the Langtang Region, Gosainkunda is certainly the epitome of natural magnificence while also being one of the holy lakes in Nepal, which is visited by throngs of pilgrims every year. An ecstatic view of the turquoise lake surrounded by the...

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Tamang Heritage Trail Trek for families, 11 Days

/ from 740 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Tamang Heritage Trail Trek for families is a short yet unique trek in Langtang region opened to visitors only since 2004. The trek is perfect for families who are limited on time and want to experience the true beauty of Nepal without long and hard walks. Tamang Heritage Trail for Families is one of the treks that offer the never-ending beautiful scenery of the Nepalese hills along with an...

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Naya Kanga (Ganja La Chuli) Peak Climbing, 14 Days

from 3.245 USD / Days: 14 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
Also known as the Ganja La Chuli, the Naya Kanga Peak is situated in the Langtang region and is a popular peak for climbing in Nepal. With good accessibility and overwhelming ecstasy during the climb, this peak attracts a lot of mountain climbing enthusiasts to its summit. The Naya Kanga Peak Climbing offers a journey through the Tibetan-influenced villages in Langtang with a massive range of...

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Yala Peak Climbing - 14 Days | Royalty-Free Peak

from 2.790 USD / Days: 14 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal is one the most beautiful peaks situated in the Langtang region. Situated in the central section of Himalayas in Nepal, Yala Peak Climbing serves visitors with the panoramic views of high mountains like Langtang Lirung (7227m), Dorje Lakpa (6996m), Gangchempo (6388m) and Shishapangma (8013m). The trekking route through the popular Langtang valley follows many rivers,...

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Paldor Peak Climbing, 18 Days

Days: 18 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
Situated at the junction of Tiru and Karpu Danda, Paldor Peak (5903m) is situated in the southeast end of the Ganesh Himal (7422m). Paldor Peak climbing is one of the most famous peak climbing destinations in the Ganesh Himal range. It is one of least climbed mountains so its pristine nature has been maintained and offers sublime experience amid the wilderness of the Himalayas. Taking you through...

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Tilman Pass Trek, 20 Days

from 4.995 USD / Days: 20 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
Located in the wilderness of the Langtang region in Nepal, Tilman Pass stands tall with an attitude of 5320m. It was named after the British adventurer and explorer H. W. Tillman (1898-1977) who explored the Himalaya in the mid-20th century. Tilman Pass is one of the toughest mountain passes of Nepal that connects the Tamang valley of Langtang with the sacred lakes of Panchpokhari while featuring...

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Langtang Ganja-La Pass Trekking, 15 Days

Days: 15 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
A standout amongst the most prevalent and testing trekking goals, is the Langtang Ganja-La Pass Trekking, located northwest of Kathmandu valley in the Langtang region. Langtang Ganja-La Pass Trek offers snow secured high passes, great perspectives of mountains, old religious communities, lovely Langtang and Helambu valleys, and natural life. Ganjala Pass Trek takes you from the busy...

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Panch Pokhari Trekking, 10 Days

from 2.890 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Panch Pokhari Trekking is one of the newly opened trekking routes in Nepal that includes a sacred and pristine group of five glacial lakes, Panch Pokhari, seated on the base of Jugal Himal. Panch Pokhari is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists and is located in the wild nature in the north-east region of Sindhupalchowk district. The lake is situated at the altitude of 4010m in a...

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Bhairav Kunda Trek, 12 Days

Days: 12 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Bhairav Kunda Trek, situated nearby the Nepal-Tibet border in the Langtang Region, is a fusion of nature, culture and spiritual aspects of the Himalayas. This trek is a spiritual homage to the holy lake “Bhairav Kunda ’’. “Bhairav ’’ is the angry form of Lord Shiva and “Kunda’’ means pond. Bhairav Kunda Trek offers a close-up view of several Nepalese and Tibetan Himalayas and...

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Helambu Heritage Circuit Lodge Trek, 10 Days

Days: 10 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Helambu Heritage Circuit Trek starts with your arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, after which you drive to Sundarijal and start the trek. The trek takes you through Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, a flora and fauna paradise, to reach Chisapani village for a surreal view of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges. The trail takes through rhododendron and pine forests,...

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Meditation Trek to Helambhu (Yolmo Land), Lodge 11 Days

Days: 11 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Trekking and Meditation in Helambhu (Yolmo Land), Lodge 11 Days Helambhu or Yolmo is situated north of Kathmandu, close to the border to Tibet. In ancient times it was occasionally part of South-Tibet and shares therefore the Tibetan culture. It is famous for its scenic beauty and is an unbelievably sacred site. Also known as Kerung, it is a treasure of Buddhist Dharma, but a quite unknown...

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Yolmo Valley Meditational Tour

Days: 11 / Difficulty: 1 of 5 (Easy)
Yolmo Valley Meditational Tour. Though the place is not well-known nationally and internationally, Yolmo valley is the holiest place in Helambu trekking region. Both Guru Padmasambhava and Tibet’s greatest Yogi Milarepa are known to have spent time in meditation and blessed this valley. Guru Padmasambhava is said to have hidden many” Tarmas “or teaching meant for the future here. In this...

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Long Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang Valley, Gosaikund Lake and Helambhu Lodge Trek, 27 Days

from 2.875 USD / Days: 27 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Long Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang Valley, Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu Lodge Trek is one of the best treks to experience the real Nepal. From an amazing scenery to experiencing a rich Tamang culture, this trek offers different tastes of different places in the Langtang region located north of Kathmandu. Throughout the long trekking journey, trekkers will enjoy amazing views of different...

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