Our Mission
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Our MissionĀ 

As Mountain, Nature and Culture lovers of Nepal having all our own families here in Nepal and deeply interested and connected  in the development of this Himalayan country. We carefully plan and execute our Treks with love and passion. We aim to offer the best possible services with affordable prices according to the need of our guests.  We are also focusing into Eco friendly and sustainable tourism in the Himalayas, providing water filters for all Treks and in consequence reducing the use of plastic bottles up to 100% at all treks. 

All trekking crews also have to bring back 1 bag of garbage collected on the way. At the same time we are responsible towards the people of Nepal by creating direct and indirect work assignments for the locals and being fair with their salaries. And which is not just common in Nepal we pay taxes to the state of Nepal. We are providing high quality service for all travelers during the Trek and in the City. Every year we explore 2-3 new destinations, trail and climbs allover Nepal to even make the visit of our guests more exciting. Our aim is also to become a leading provider of the different tourist activities in Nepal. Continuously adding new ecofriendly -equipment for our Treks we can even make the visitors of Nepal more satisfied booking with us.

Our objective for the company is highly influenced by ethical practices we engage in, these practices not only ensure the safety and care of our staff but to provide a high level of service that surpasses most expectations. With an aim to be the leading tourism company in Nepal, we plan to obtain this goal by letting our dedicated and unique actions do the talking. 

These actions include relentlessly promoting eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices in the Himalayas, some of which include providing water filters to reduce the waste caused by plastic bottles and crew members collecting a bag of garbage every time they are on site. Furthermore, for our staff we make sure that our values of being ethical and fair are passed down to them, we also praise their support and hard work with fair pay, insurance, training course and other fringe benefits. 

Our love for the Himalayas help us craft family-friendly itineraries everyone can enjoy and our dedication to ethical practices results in us respecting and protecting our explorers, nature, and workforce. These actions have hence led us to have supportive staff, loyal and impressed consumers and made it possible to work in communities that have benefitted from our tourism activities.

Code of Conduct 
Our Mission and general rules are doing fair business only. Nobody from all our staff is left out and all services we use in the field are carefully examined. All our employees are committing to social and moral rules. They are regularly sent to receive training in different sectors of the tourism industry in Nepal.  That is why we can guarantee for our company as a fair business.