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Festival Trekking

An essential part of life in Nepal are the many festivals throughout the year. Any time of the year you visit Nepal, you can be sure of being arriving for one or more of these special events. Festivals can offer the visitor a valuable opportunity to gain insight into various aspects of Nepalese culture and have fun doing it! 

There are both religious and national holidays and they each follow a slightly different calendar. While the national festivals have fixed dates, religious festivals are set by astrologers following the lunar calendar.
Nepal is as rich in cultural heritage and religious traditions as it is in soaring mountains and sparkling glaciers. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal each year. Every festival is celebrated with the same fervor as you might have found hundreds of years ago. The Nepalese take their festivals seriously, but these are not somber events, rather the Nepalese enjoy the celebration of each festival and holiday with joy and delight. These celebrations weave together to create a rich tapestry that is the living legacy of the many people of Nepal. Celebrating festivals effectively unites people of diverse cultural backgrounds. It is not uncommon to have traditional Hindu and Buddhist festivals leapfrogging throughout the year peppered by national holidays. This cohabitation is seen everywhere in Nepal as religions coexist side by side in daily life. 

Many tourists are starting to center their travels on/around some of these festivals. Combining a trek with a festival is fast becoming more in demand. These festivals attract many western tourists and hotels and flights are sold out months in advance to organized vacation groups. For the Buddhists pilgrims, the Mani Rimdu and Dumji festivals trek in the Everest region. The Tiji festival trek is in Mustang and has become very popular recently. Buddhist festival treks in Nepal will reward you with the chance of observing and often participating in real Tibetan Buddhist religious holidays. You will witness first-hand the culture, art, and music associated with these various celebrations. One can only imagine trekking to a breathtaking view of the mountains only to be greeted by happy local participants gaily dressed in traditional costumes living their ancient traditions. Anyone wishing to visit Nepal during these fascinating festivals should plan and make their tour preparations well in advance. Come to feel the heartbeat of a rich cultural heritage that is unique to Nepal. 

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Mustang Tiji Festival Trekking, 17 Days | 24th-26th May, 2025

from 2.700 USD / Days: 17 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Min Group Size: 1 / Max Group Size: 14
The sandy terrain, amazing yak caravans, exquisite mountains views, ancient monasteries, traditional costumes, Tibetan culture, and the spiritual values of the region make Mustang Tiji (Tenchi) Festival Trekking a delight for the visitors. The trek is a combination of the fascinating Mustang villages, Buddhist shrines, and the spiritual values in the region, and features the most sacred festival...

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Mani Rimdu Festival Trekking, 12 Days | November 2024

/ from 1.465 USD / Days: 12 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Min Group Size: 1 / Max Group Size: 14
Mani Rimdu Festival is a three-day affair on October's or November's full moon which is carried out in the high elevation in the monastery of Tengboche in the Everest region. Every year, a Buddhist Dance Drama is performed by the monks of Tengboche Monastery, the most sacred monastery of Everest region. Sherpas and cultural enthusiasts from all over the world flock into the monastery during Mani...

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Saga Dawa Festival Tour | Tibet-Mount Kailash Trekking - Guaranteed Departure 2025

from 2.495 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Min Group Size: 4 / Max Group Size: 16
Saga Dawa Festival at Mount Kailash is observed as one of the most important festival in Buddhist society all over the world. This festival held each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar (May / June). This festival is celebrated in honor of Sakyamuni's enlightenment. And this auspicious day coincide with three important events in Buddha's life, Birth,...

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Saga Dawa Festival at Railing Gumba and Nyin Valley Cultural Trek, 12 Days

from 1.890 USD / Days: 12 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Min Group Size: 1 / Max Group Size: 12
Railing Gumba (Monastery) and Nyin Valley Cultural Trek is one of the most fulfilling treks in west Nepal which allows you to peek into the Nyinba culture and tradition preserved in one of the remotest parts of the country, Humla. The off-the-beaten trek to Nhin Valley offers intimacy with pristine nature along with the pure culture of the Nyinba community without having to trek strenuously for...

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Yartung Festival Mustang Trek (the ancient Wall City of Lo-Manthang), 16 Days - 8th-10th September 2024

from 2.565 USD / Days: 16 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Min Group Size: 2 / Max Group Size: 12
The Yartung festival is celebrated all over Mustang and is especially celebrated in Lo-Manthang and Muktinath during August/September (in the full moon day) every year. It is a three day celebration and is celebrated with horse races, drinking and dancing by local Gurung and Thakali people. During the three days celebration, they have the King's (local king) activities taking place on the...

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Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang Lodge Trek 12 Days, 2025 (Shortest possible Tour)

from 2.205 USD / Days: 12 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Min Group Size: 2 / Max Group Size: 14
Introduction to Tenchi/Tiji Festival Trek in Upper Mustang This is one of the most popular trekking destinations for the traveler who would like to explore ancient monasteries and caves in a remote area and a beautiful landscape. This is the forbidden kingdom and ancient wall city of Mustang and it is open for trekkers since 1992. This trek is very enjoyable due to its isolation and beautiful...

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