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Trekking in Nepal: Guerrillas in our midst

In Nepal’s former no-go areas, Sue Watt treks to picturesque villages and welcoming locals with a grim recent past.

Newspaper in Switzerland: Paläste, Pagoden und Smartphones

Nepal mag eines der ärmsten Länder sein, doch sein kultureller Reichtum sucht seinesgleichen. Kathmandu und die umliegenden Städte etwa sind so dicht mit Monumenten übersät, dass die Unesco das gesamte Tal zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt hat.

Tsum Valley and Manaslu circuit in the renowned Newspaper NZZ in Switzerland

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Nepal: a walk on the wild side, Guerrilla Trek

The new Guerrilla Trek takes walkers through areas that were until recently closed to tourists.

In the footsteps of Nepal's Maoist rebels, Guerilla Trek

Where guerrillas used to roam, tourists now trek. For 10 years gun-toting Maoists prowled Nepal's remote Himalayan trails dodging attacks from army helicopters.

48 Hours In: Kathmandu

Sixty years after the first successful ascent of Everest, Sue Watt finds ancient temples, royal palaces and rooftop restaurants in the Nepalese capital.