Cultural and Heritage Trail Trekking
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Cultural and Heritage Trail Trekking

Within the finite bounds of geographical bounds, Nepal offers unlimited marvels to wonder at. From the ravishing Himalayas to the gleaming lakes and surreal biodiversity to wide variety of cultural practices, Nepal is just about the destination for any type of travelers. While the Himalayas are definitely the center piece of trips in Nepal, the cultural majesty of the country is close second. Nepal boasts of an incredible array of ethnic communities which have their respective culture, language, customs, and social norms. Cultural and Heritage Trail Trekking is a way to cover these cultural aspects of the nation which offer a mix of ancient traditions and natural beauty.

Cultural and Heritage Trail Trekking by Swiss Family Treks and Expedition is and initiative to let travelers rejoice the magnificence of Nepalese cultures. These treks are designed to offer insight into the lives of various ethnic communities, their daily life struggles, and other social and religious aspects. The trails on these treks are filled with a remarkable display of authentic culture and cultural heritages which identify the respective ethnic community.

Tamang Heritage Trail and Gurung Heritage Trail are perhaps the two most famous treks in this distinction. While the Tamang Heritage Trail explores the Langtang region, the Gurung Heritage Trail head to the lower Annapurna region around Ghandruk, Bhujung, and Ghalegaon. Similarly, the Indigenous People Trail in Ramechaap introduces the modest Majhi and Thami communities. Other popular cultural and heritage trails include Tsum Valley Cultural Trek, Nar Phu Valley Cultural Trek, Jomsom Muktinath Cultural Trek, and Helambu Valley Cultural Trek. The Limi Valley Cultural Trek, although an off-beat experience is also a magnificent journey into the lands of the Thakuri and Tibetan inhabitants. Likewise, Mani Rimdu Festival TrekTiji Festival Trek and Yartung Festival Trek three of the prominent cultural and heritage treks revolving around the local festive seasons.

Cultural and Heritage Trail Trekking is a brilliant way to explore Nepal and enjoy the truly glorious cultural aspect of the nation. The natural elegance of Nepal will forever accompany you as you experience a unique perspective of traveling and trekking in the Nepal Himalaya. 

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Indigenous Peoples Trail Home-Stay Trek, 10 Days

from 1.190 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Indigenous Peoples Trail Home-Stay Trek is a unique trekking trail that provides an opportunity to explore the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic areas of central Nepal. The Indigenous Peoples Trail, albeit at a low elevation below 3126m, it offers scenic and breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas stretching from Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges in the West to Numbur Chuli...

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Pikey-Dudh Kunda Cultural Trail Trek, 15 Days

from 1.990 USD / Days: 15 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
The Pikey-Dudh Kunda Cultural Trail Trek is a relatively new trail that exploits the hidden culture and natural allure of the Everest region. During this trek, you'll not only get to observe the snow-laden Himalayas like Everest and Ghaurishankar, but you'll take a detour in the holy Dudh Kunda Lake which is the supposed abode of Lord Shiva. From snow decorated landscapes to the unique Sherpa...

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Tamang Heritage Trail Trekking, 11 Days

from 1.330 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Tamang Heritage Trail Trekking starts either from Dhunche or Syabrubesi and passes through Goljung, Gatlang, Chilime, Thuman, Timure and Briddim. The trail may end back in Syabrubesi or follow the Langtang trek from Briddim village via Khanjim. Goljung and Gatlang are traditional Tamang villages. While Goljung has ancient monastery, Gatlang set high on a hillside among terraced fields is the...

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Lower Solukhumbu Cultural Trail Trek (Sherpaland) for families, 9 Days

/ from 1.060 USD / Days: 9 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Lower Solukhumbu also was known as the land of Sherpa’s is a fantastic trekking destination for those who want to admire the magnificent Himalayas and observe the natural diversity and ethnic culture of the lesser explored lower Solukhumbu region. The Lower Solukhumbu Cultural Trail Trek takes you through the rhododendron forests, Buddhist monasteries, and traditional Sherpa villages which...

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Helambu Heritage Circuit Lodge Trek, 10 Days

from 1.055 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Helambu Heritage Circuit Trek starts with your arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, after which you drive to Sundarijal and start the trek. The trek takes you through Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, a flora and fauna paradise, to reach Chisapani village for a surreal view of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges. The trail takes through rhododendron and pine forests,...

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Ghandruk Loop Trek for families, 9 Days

/ from 995 USD / Days: 9 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Ghandruk Loop Trek for families is one of the popular trekking trails in the Annapurna region that offers an introduction to Nepal with splendid scenery, enticing Gurung culture, and stunning views of mountains.  It is one of the easiest treks in Nepal and can be done by a person of any age with sound health, making it a family friendly trek. The 9 days Ghandruk Loop Trek for families...

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Jomsom Muktinath Trek for families (Perfect Holiday for Monsoon), 10 Days

/ from 1.300 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Jomsom Muktinath, being the rain-shed areas of the Annapurna region, is the perfect place to travel if you have planned your family holiday during the monsoon season in Nepal. This Jomsom Muktinath trek is an ideal vacation for your family as it features the picturesque deserts of Mustang along with the holy temple of Muktinath, giving the best of both nature and culture. The journey to Jomsom...

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Tsum Valley Trek, 16 Days

from 2.335 USD / Days: 16 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Tsum Valley Trek was opened for trekking in 2008 and there is a little information available on the area. Tsum Valley Trek Nepal is a sacred Himalayan Budhhist pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Nepal. Literally “Tsum” means vivid against the majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha Ranges, this serene Himalayan valley is rich in ancient art, culture and...

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Nar Phu Valley Trek via Kang La Pass, 17 Days

from 1.795 USD / Days: 17 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Nar Phu Valley Trek lies in the most remote region of the Manang District and access is granted only with the purchase of a special permit. This area consists of two main villages - Nar with 300 permanent residents called Nar-ten and Phu with 200 permanent residents called Phu-ten. These remote villages are situated above tree line and completely cut off during the snowy winter months....

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Humla-Simikot- Raling Monastery- Nhin Valley Culture Camping Trek, 12 Days

from 1.860 USD / Days: 12 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
Raling Monastery-Nhin Valley Trek is one of the most fulfilling treks in west Nepal which allows you to peek into the Nyinba culture and tradition preserved in one of the remotest parts of the country, Humla. The off-the-beaten trek to Nhin Valley offers intimacy with pristine nature along with the pure culture of the Nyinba community without having to trek strenuously for long days. This trek...

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Chepang Hill Trek with Chitwan Tour, 12 Days

from 1.490 USD / Days: 12 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Chepang Hill Trek with Chitwan Tour is one of the most unique and recent trekking routes around the mid-hills of Nepal leading to the esteemed Chitwan National Park. Chepang hill trek was opened since 2005 introducing the Chepang ethnic group and promoting tourism in this area. It is one of the easiest short day treks introducing us to the local culture of Chepang which is one of the indigenous...

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