Trekking and Meditation
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Trekking and Meditation

Trekking and Meditation is a new and highly effective Concept, to achieve in short time a deep relaxation, which creates the ability to take advantage of ones own way to permanent joy and contentedness, while one is trekking through the magnificent mountain world of the Himalayas.
By that we fall back on the since centuries experienced Buddhist techniques of Tibet and Nepal, which we combine well-directed with our trekking- programs. Beside of that you will have the opportunity to gain a deep, personal impression into the probably last ancient wisdom-culture of this planet, which remained in the remote Himalayan valleys unchanged in an unbroken tradition up to our age. The Tibetan term for ‘meditation’ is gom, which signifies something like “to get used to...” This means, to make the mind used to contents, which are leading to lasting happiness and at the same time to recognize through experience the ones which will bring misfortune on oneself. We distinguish between ‘concentrative meditation’, which will provide the basic tools and ‘analytical meditation’, which is examination or analyzing the contents of the mind in diverse ways. Both techniques we will pass on you by a more than eight hundred year’s old Tibetan system, which we slightly modified to this age and our trekking-tours.
To experience the benefits of this program you don’t have to be a convinced Buddhist. People who are interested in the functions of ones own mind of all traditions can benefit, particularly also ones, which already practice yoga or other meditative techniques. The whole meditation-program will be arranged as agreed with you at the beginning of the tour, according to your personal needs, wishes and previous experiences. This concerns the contents as well as the durations of the combined teaching- and meditation-settings. To have a rough idea you should count with three settings a day of 30-60 minutes each, which is embedded in the daily trekking-program. Because some meditations should be extended into the walking-times, there will be some times of silence and other exercises as agreed. Whenever possible we will meditated in free nature, but, according to the tour, also at specially blessed places, which are connected to famous Buddhist sages of ancient or present ages. Our experienced meditation-teacher will be also available for your personal questions between the meditation-settings. As agreed in advance, there are also special retreat-programs for experienced Buddhists possible. The experiences you gain during this unique and unforgettable journey will be helpful in your daily life too, to achieve more joy and contentedness and you can use the techniques you learned at home as well.


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Meditational Trek to Buddhist Sacred Sites Trail of Khumbhu Region, Lodge 17 Days

from 2.000 USD / Days: 17 / Difficulty: 3 of 5 (Moderate to strenuous)
It’s a great pleasure for us, that we are able offer this pilgrimage Tour . In this sense the intensity of this combined ‘Trekking and Meditation’ Program to a large extend depends also on yourself. Meditational Trek is a new way of exploring the land of the Sherpas in the Solu Khumbu Everest region. The trek won't just allow you to marvel at the beauty of the High Himalayas but expose you...

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Meditation Trek to Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev), Lodge Trek 9 Days

from 1.195 USD / Days: 9 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Trekking and Meditation to Halesi Mahadev (Maratika Cave). Lodge, 9 Days. Maratika Cave (lit. ‘The Cave of Bringing Death to an End’) and Maratika Monastery are located in the Khotang District of East-Nepal, approximately 185 km south west of Mount Everest, at the hilly region between the holy rivers Dudh Koshi to the right and Sun Koshi to the left. In the local dialect it is also known...

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Meditation Trek to Helambhu (Yolmo Land), Lodge 11 Days

from 1.190 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Trekking and Meditation in Helambhu (Yolmo Land), Lodge 11 Days Helambhu or Yolmo is situated north of Kathmandu, close to the border to Tibet. In ancient times it was occasionally part of South-Tibet and shares therefore the Tibetan culture. It is famous for its scenic beauty and is an unbelievably sacred site. Also known as Kerung, it is a treasure of Buddhist Dharma, but a quite unknown...

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Trekking and Meditation in Upper Mustang Lodge Trek, 22 Days

from 3.045 USD / Days: 23 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Upper Mustang is a very unique area north of the Annapurna-circuit and within north of the main Himalayan range. Because of that it is cut of from the summer-monsoons of the himalayan Southface and is therefore quite a dry, desertlike landscape. Geographically and culturally this ancient Buddhist kingdom belongs already to the Tibetan plateau. Strictly off limits for tourism for many centuries,...

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Trekking and Meditation in Lower-Khumbu, Lodge Trek, 9 Days

from 1.185 USD / Days: 9 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
During this trek you'll enjoy magnificent views of Mount Everest as well as of many of the other highest mountains of the world located in the Eastern Himalaya Ranges of Nepal, such as Lhotse, Makalu, Gaurishanker etc. and you'll have a fine opportunity to interact with the Sherpa people, their way of life, culture and religion. The trek itsself is not very strenuous, but will take you through...

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Meditation Trek to Muktinath, Lodge Trek 13 Days

from 1.770 USD / Days: 13 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Trekking and Meditation to Muktinath Lodge, 13 Days Muktinath at 3750 meters (12,300 feet) at the Annapurna Circuit is an important pilgrimage site located at the north-side of the main Himalayan-range in a spectacular landscape with a very dry and unique micro-climate, where also trees are growing at an unusual altitude. It is surrounded by two rivers - the Marshyangadi in the East and the Kali...

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Yolmo Valley Meditational Tour

from 1.240 USD / Days: 11 / Difficulty: 1 of 5 (Easy)
Yolmo Valley Meditational Tour. Though the place is not well-known nationally and internationally, Yolmo valley is the holiest place in Helambu trekking region. Both Guru Padmasambhava and Tibet’s greatest Yogi Milarepa are known to have spent time in meditation and blessed this valley. Guru Padmasambhava is said to have hidden many” Tarmas “or teaching meant for the future here. In this...

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