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A highly favored, and fairly recently opened trekking route to the Manaslu Massif will award you with pristine mountain views, and genuine adventure. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty, and biological diversity. Mount Manaslu stands at 8163 meters (26, 775ft) and is the 8th highest peak in the world. It sits along the border of Nepal. Manaslu means "The Spirit-Mountain" in the local dialect which refers to the benevolent but strong deity that is said to dwell within. Trekking in the Manaslu area is one the highlights of Nepal and is full of stunning natural beauty. To truly experience some of the most breath-taking scenery available on earth, look no further than the circuit of Manaslu via the Larkya La. For years the area north of Manaslu called Nupri was closed to foreigners due to its proximity to Tibet. However, in 1991 it was opened, but it took a few years for the word to get out. Now it is one of the premier trekking routes in the world. This Tibetan enclave is situated at the head of the Budigandaki, and is west of the Langtang Himal and stretches between both the Trishuli River and the Budigandaki River. To the east of the Manaslu region is the Ganesh Himal. At 7,429 meters the main peak is Ganesh Himal, but there are several other prominent peaks with their own distinctive character. Ganesh Himal I was first climbed by a Swiss-French joint party in 1955 during the Golden Age of Himalayan Mountaineering and exploration. Many of the other peaks saw summit attempts during the 1970’s to the 1980’s. Due to their proximity to Kathmandu, and on a clear day can be seen from the Kathmandu Valley this area enjoys high popularity among trekkers. Nevertheless, this Tsum Valley area is still rural and full of pristine nature and has only recently seen regular parties of trekkers. It is a fantastic place where you can get a glimpse of the life in the Himalayas in its original form. One of the premier routes is the trek from the Chilime Khola River to the Bhungre Khola River which will introduce you to the heart of the Ganesh Himal.

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Manaslu Umrundung Trek, 17 Tage

ab 2.345 USD / Tage: 17 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Trekking rund um den Manaslu bietet die einzigartige Möglichkeit, eine "unberührte" Region Nepals zu erleben. Diese Region von Nepal sieht immer noch nur wenige Trekker, was einen Besuch hier nochmals spezioeller macht. Der Manaslu Umrundung Trek ist erst seit 1991 geöffnet. Er bietet ein spektakuläre Naturerlebnis entlang der Grenze zwischen Nepal und Tibet und ist heute eine kontrolliertee...


Tsum Tal und Manaslu Trek, 22 Tage

ab 3.220 USD / Tage: 22 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek traverse Larkya-La Pass is one of the most thrilling treks in Nepal that takes to the remotest and pristine areas of Tsum Valley and Manaslu region which have only been recently opened for trekking. While trekking in Tsum Valley allows you to understand the practices of Tibetan Buddhism and also to enjoy the panoramic view of Ganesh Himal range, trekking in...


Besteigung des Larkya Peak, 20 Tage

ab 3.500 USD / Tage: 20 / Schwierigkeit: 5 von 5 (Sehr anstregend)
Besteigung des Larkya Peak bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, eine kürzlich von der Regierung Nepals in der Region Manaslu eröffneten Berg zu besteigen. Die Reise belohnt uns mit der unberührten Naturschönheit und der Kombination aus reicher Kultur und biologischer Vielfalt. Es ist der Weg durch das Land der mystischen Kultur und der Artenvielfalt. Besteigung Larkya Peak ist eine wunderbare...


Rupina La Pass Trek and Tsum Valley, 22 Days

ab 3.050 USD / Tage: 22 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Rupina La Pass and Tsum Valley Trek is the peaceful gem of a trekking adventure that takes you deep into the Manaslu region and offers unparalleled natural riches. The trek glides on the lesser visited trails promising mind-blowing adventure and glorious views. You will get to witness breath-taking views of mountains like Ganesh Himal (7,422 m), Mt. Himalchuli (7,853 m), Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m),...



ab 2.280 USD / Tage: 17 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Beschreibung des Tales: Das Tsum Tal war ein beschränkt besuchbares Gebiet, bis es 2008 für Touristen geöffnet wurde und dementsprechend ist weniger Information über diese Region verfügbar. Das Tsum Tal liegt im nördlichem Gorkha Gebiet und ist bekannt als Gegend für buddhistische Pilgerfahrten. "Tsum" bedeutet wörtlich; lebhaft und hat im Hintergrund die majestätische Kulisse des Ganesh...


Ruby Valley Trek, Ganesh Himal-Kalo-Seto Kunda, 18 Days

ab 2.675 USD / Tage: 18 / Schwierigkeit: 3 von 5 (Moderat bis anstrengend)
Ruby Valley Trek is hidden in between the famous trekking areas of Langtang National Park and Manaslu Area Conservation. It is one of the untouched trekking routes inviting only a few trekkers. This trekking route serves the visitors with the diverse geographical condition, biodiversity, and culture. The Ruby Valley Trek is a great option to cherish in the beauty of the pristine nature while...



ab 3.050 USD / Tage: 22 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Introduction to Ganesh Himal Trek It lies on the central eastern region of Nepal still lucky to remain untouched by modern world. This trek offers unspoiled nature, majestic Himalayan Range, contact with local peoples, culture and their way of life and wildlife. Treks in the Ganesh Himal region are designed to introduce you to a broad spectrum of life in different Nepalese communities and...



ab 3.925 USD / Tage: 29 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Introduction to Tsum Valley Trek Tsum Valley was a restricted area until it was opened for trekking in 2008 and there is a little information available on the area. The Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan Budhhist pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Nepal. Literally “Tsum” means vivid against the majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha Ranges, this serene...


Lower Manaslu Eco Trail Home-Stay Trek, 12 Days

ab 1.485 USD / Tage: 12 / Schwierigkeit: 3 von 5 (Moderat bis anstrengend)
Lower Manaslu Eco Trail trek is newly open in the lower region of Manaslu with its natural beauty and diversity. Gorkha, from where the unification of modern Nepal was started by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, is the first capital of Nepal. There are several places of historical and archaeological importance in the district. Blessed by nature’s splendor this land of historic, religious, ecological...


Family Village Cultural Horse Riding Trek to Barpak and Laprak Village in Manaslu Camping Trek, 10 Days

/ ab 1.000 USD / Tage: 10 / Schwierigkeit: 2 von 5 (Moderat)
Barpak village is situated upon the hill top about 1900 meter high from sea level, lies in the northern part of the Gorkha District, one of the beautiful historical places in Nepal. There are more than 1300 houses in this village. Barpak has its unique historic significance despite its isolation from mainstream politics and bustling cities. Its breadth taking natural beauty has melted so many...


TSUM VALLEY Lodge Trek and Basic Home Stay TREK 20 Tage

ab 2.280 USD / Tage: 20 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
TSUM TAL, TREK 20 TAGE , Basic Homestay and Lodge   Inbegriffen * Flughafen, Hotel, Flughafen Transfer mit Privatwagen * 4 Übernachtungen mit Frühstück in einem Standardhotel in Kathmandu. * Kathmandu Stadtrundfahrt. * alle Mahlzeiten (Frühstück, Mittagessen und Abendbrot), Tee, Kaffee undheißes Wasser während des Treks. * Camping während des Treks. * 1 erfahrener, hilfsbereiter...


Manaslu Umrundung, Basic Lodge 17 Tage,Fixed Departure

ab 2.100 USD / Tage: 17 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Manaslu Umrundung Trek Trekking rund um den Manaslu bietet die einzigartige Möglichkeit, eine "unberührte" Region Nepals zu erleben. Diese Region von Nepal sieht immer noch nur wenige Trekker, was einen Besuch hier nochmals spezioeller macht.Der Manaslu Trek ist erst seit 1991 geöffnet. Er bietet ein spektakuläre Naturerlebnis entlang der Grenze zwischen Nepal und Tibet und ist heute eine...