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Trekking extrem

Extreme Trekking in Nepal are those adrenaline filled treks that redefines true meaning of adventure and thrill. Nepal extreme trekking is not only to test one’s zeal and courage by trekking the rocky-mountains in Nepal but also to explore its diverse natural beauty, diverse cultural heritages, and varied geographic conditions of this country. That is way, thousands of trekkers visit here every year to capture the scenic views and explore the spirit of adventure. The trekking in Nepal is from walking up to mountains to gradually experiencing the diverse religion, culture, language, ethnic and geography of the country.
The extreme trek is all about journeying to explore yet unexplored places, the variety of culture, religion, festivals and castes among others. We offer such a service to our clients so that everyone can make their holiday most memorable in their lives by offering them the opportunity to gain insights into the untamed landscapes and magical land of this virgin country. Similarly, you will have a chance to see not only the nature, but also the rural communities and spectacular mountains. The extreme treks in Nepal pass through the forests of rhododendron, bamboo and oak and through the sub tropical region to alpine and different landscapes, lush alpine meadows and rocky snow covered passes, ice falls, glaciers, high altitude and frozen lakes.Previous high altitude trekking experience is required to embark these extreme adventure treks. Along with previous experience, you need to have high level of physical fitness and ability to take up the challenge. These treks are usually less visited as there are time and fitness restrictions associated with it. But if you manage to pull it out then you have once in a lifetime adventures. 

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Upper Mustang to Upper Dolpo Camping Trek via Ghami-La Pass (Bhanjyang) 32 Days

ab 7.295 USD / Tage: 32 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Our fascination for the unknown and the ability to explore the undiscovered have given us access to almost every corner of the world. One of the few regions which could escape foreigners was Mustang, a Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. Only a handful of Westerners had visited the area in western Nepal before it was opened to tourism in 1992. They brought back reports of a culturally highly...


From Upper Mustang to Naar Phu Valley via Teri-La Pass Camping Trek 31 Days

ab 5.500 USD / Tage: 31 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
This trekking takes us on a fascinating journey through an area that was until recently closed to foreigners. An exceptional landscape with orange colored rock walls, varicolored canyons and impressive forms of erosion characterize this desert like alpine terrain in the Mustang. This fantastic trekking destination is located on the border of Tibet and with its ancient villages, age-old castles,...


Saribung Expedition (Mustang to Naar-Phu) Lodge and Camping, Trek, 27 Days

ab 5.600 USD / Tage: 26 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Saribung Expedition Trek is a newly opened Trekking route in 2006. It is a challenging  trekking trail off the beaten track crossing also a difficult pass. Saribung is  part of Mustang and Damodar Himal, close to the border of China (Tibet). The trails are rugged, cutting high into cliff sides and pass villages that have changed little over the last centuries. Saribung Trek can also be donen...



ab 5.770 USD / Tage: / Schwierigkeit: 5 von 5 (Sehr anstregend)
ICE COL TREK TUMLINGTAR TO NAMCHE BAZAR VIA SHERPANI COL, WEST COL AND AMPHU LAPCHA LA INTO NATIONALPARK SAGARMANTHA   A truly adventurous expedition to a remote and wild region of the Great Himalayas, with full logistic support - this is a journey that seeks a different route, a fresh perspective, a challenge. Our route traverses a spectacular, seldom visited region of Nepal and crosses...


Far West Extreme Camping Trek, 37 Days

ab 13.600 USD / Tage: 37 / Schwierigkeit: 3 von 5 (Moderat bis anstrengend)
Trekking in the Far West is authentic as it gets. Trails wind through a land untouched by the hand of time, past ancient orange and lemon groves and flagstone mediaeval villages. The history of the Malla Kingdom that reigned here from the 12th to the 14th century is not readily discernible today. But in a land that history has left behind, the visitor is free to experience a taste of what...


Dolpo Jomsom Trek traverse Musikhola and Jugben-La Pass New Route, 17 Days

ab 3.500 USD / Tage: 17 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Dolpo to Jomsom Trek traverse Musikhola and Jugbenla Pass is an adventurous, challenging journey to the most far-flung regions of Dolpo, possibly the most comprehensive and interesting Dolpo route out there. We explore further into Dolpo, a purely Tibetan region of wild trekking, high passes, remote villages and lots of wildlife. With many spare days for exploration and an exciting exit crossing...


Rara Lake, Mugu, Dolphu, Tangser,Shey Gompa lake Poksundo, Crystal Mountain,West Nepal, 49 Tage

ab 7.485 USD / Tage: 49 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Auch im July & August können wir diesen Trek dürchführen Jumla - Rara Lake - Gamgadi (Mugu) - Mugu Karnali - Nadi and Chham Khola - Kagmara la - Bagala - Upper Dolpo - Lower Dolpo - Juphal, Total 49 Tage! Ihre Reise beginnt in Jumla, dem verborgenen Tal entgegen. Der einzigartigste Ort in Bezug auf Kultur, Natur und der Lebensweise der Menschen hier. Diese Reise schliesst den grössten...


Hoher abgelgener und schwieriger Tilman’s Pass (Langtang-Rolwaling Valley) Camping Trek 22 Tage

ab 3.000 USD / Tage: 22 / Schwierigkeit: 5 von 5 (Sehr anstregend)
Dies ist ein Trekking-Destinationen für  Wanderer, die den Wunsch haben in abgelegenen Gebieten zu trekken Die Natur im entlegensten Bereich der Langtang Region ist atemberaubend. Diese Wanderung verbindet zwei unterschiedliche Regionen des Himalaya, namentlich den Langtang und das Rolwaling mit Panch Pokhari (die fünf heiligen Seen). Diese Wanderung bietet eine herrliche Aussicht ins...


Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek, 22 Days

ab 3.420 USD / Tage: 22 / Schwierigkeit: 5 von 5 (Sehr anstregend)
Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is one of the most remote, mysterious and challenging high snow covered pass trail trekking destinations in Rolwaling and Khumbu region. Rolwaling and Khumbu region trek provides an experience the remoteness of this region, dramatic mountain views, diverse flora and fauna and rich local cultures, Nunnery Gompa, unique village of Beding and Na, beautiful high...



ab 3.925 USD / Tage: 29 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Introduction to Tsum Valley Trek Tsum Valley was a restricted area until it was opened for trekking in 2008 and there is a little information available on the area. The Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan Budhhist pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Nepal. Literally “Tsum” means vivid against the majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha Ranges, this serene...


Namun-La High Pass and Dudh Pokhari (Marsyangdi Valley) Camping Trek 18 Days

ab 2.550 USD / Tage: 18 / Schwierigkeit: 4 von 5 (Anstregend)
Introduction to Namun-La High Pass and Dudh pokhari Trek This newly and virgin high pass and adventurous camping trek is recently opened in Annapurna Region of Nepal Himalays. This hish pass is situated on the elevation of 5560m high above the sea level. It can be defined as adventure trek of Annapurna region, which has one high difficult pass. But it is very exciting and the challenging...