North of Namche Bazzar and Renjo-La Pass Family Lodge Trek 14 Days, 21 Oct to 04 Nov 2012
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North of Namche Bazzar and Renjo-La Pass Family Lodge Trek 14 Days, 21 Oct to 04 Nov 2012


Ronen Zaidel Bar and Family
2 Adults and 4 Children (6Pax)

We are back from Nepal.
How was it? Incredible! Of course it was difficult, and we heard a lot of complaining, especially because of the cold. Everyone had their low points along the way, but we each had our highs too, and more than once all our spirits and bodies were high high on top of the world!

I've considered various ways of telling the story of our 11 day trek in the Everest region on the blog. I wrote a diary during the trek and have over 700 pictures (taken by myself, as well as Hamutal, Uri and Michal). I considered posting by theme, or by personal perspective, but alas, decided to go chronologically.
But before starting with day one, I decided to publish this highlights post, to give an overview flavor of where we've been, what we've seen and done and what we thought about it.

What surprised you most about Nepal?
Ofek: Jupkyu [a cross between cow and yak] and bridges like in fairy tales.
Uri: Me too, and I didn't think there would be a river.
Eyal: That there was donkeys and that the water falls so slow.
Ofek: That animals can walk on such steep and rocky paths.
Michal: So much water in Nepal!
Uri: That the chocolate milk was made with water.

What is fun about playing by the river?
Ofek: Jumping from rock to rock.
Michal: The challenge of having to judge the distance, whether you can jump or not...
Ofek: Climbing up big rocks that Michal can't climb.
Michal: I can dude.
Uri: Throwing rocks high, then platch! in the water.
Hamutal: peace and quiet and sun.

On the evening of day 2, what do you remember from today?
Ofek: I really enjoyed the walking and riding on the horse. I really didn't enjoy taking a shower.
Michal: The hardest part was the end of the steep uphill.
Ofek: I loved the bridges, it was as if we were in a fairytale.
Michal: I thought it was funny when we crossed the bridges and everyone had to hold their hat so it doesn't fly away.
Uri: The hardest part was the steep uphill when I was already very tired and I walked and walked and walked to get to the horse. It was cool when I was on the horse on the long long bridge.
Ofek: The views were really nice.
Eyal: I don't remember anything.
Hamutal: It was harder than I imagined. All day I gave children a hand and helped then up. Seeing snow-capped mountains is what I dreamed of.

What will you miss from Nepal once you are back home?
Ofek: Pemba Sherpa [the 16 year old son of our guide who carried Eyal].
Michal: All of us being together all day long.
Uri: Hira [the horse[ and Sunam Sherpa [our guide].
Eyal: My sleeping bag.

What is it that you miss most from home?
Michal: My bedroom and all my books and Winnie the pooh.
Ofek: Noam and Wii and my dubi.
Uri: Wii and the piano keyboard.
Eyal: All my toys.

On the last evening, how do you summarize our trek?
Ofek: It was hard but fun.
Michal: The difficult minutes were very difficult and the happy moments were very happy. Overall I think it was worth the effort, although it could have been a few days shorter.
Uri: I would do it again, but shorter.
Eyal: I don't know
Hamutal: It was much harder and more challenging than I imagined, mostly because of the cold. We reached our limits. I wouldn't recommend it to families with kids, but on the other hand I don't regret doing it ourselves.
Ofek: I liked the guides and the views.
Michal: Pemba, Sunam and Nima Taman were very nice and I liked Hira too.
Ofek: I would like to do it again, but when I'm older, like a teenager.



North of Namche Bazzar and Renjo-La Pass Family Lodge Trek 14 Days, 21 Oct to 04 Nov 2012