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As the political, religious and economic heart of the Tibetan world, Lhasa finds its place on the north bank of Lhasa River with an altitude of 3658m (about 12000 feet). In Tibetan, Lhasa means "The land of the Buddha" or "Holy Place". The city has a long history of 1300 years with a population of 400,000.

Blessed with flat land and mild climate, Lhasa is free of frigid winters and unbearably hot summers, having an annual average daily temperature of 8 degree Celsius (43 F). It enjoys 3,000 hours of sunlight annually, much more than all other cities in this regard, hence its popular name "the Sunshine City".

Lhasa enjoys an annual precipitation of 230-570 mm. It rains mainly in July, August and September. The fall (autumn) time is the best season of the year, when it rains mostly at night, and is sunny in the daytime. Usually tourists are advised to visit the holy place from March to October.

After the reform and opening to the outside world since 1980's, Lhasa has witnessed a dramatic change, becoming a thriving and prosperous town. The tourism is booming here, every year thousands and thousands tourists come to this holy place for sightseeing. The fantastic landscape, unique culture, exotic life and friendly people surely make tourists an unforgettable experience.

Traditionally there are 2 ways available for tourists to go to Lhasa: By flight or by car. Obviously the later means is not suitable for tourists as it takes so long time to get to the destination; the former is much faster, while more costly, from the closest city outside Tibet - Chengdu to Lhasa, or from Nepal directly Kathmandu-Lhasa. Another good news for tourists is that since July 1, 2006, tourists can take train to Lhasa from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining and Lanzhou.

Pre-Trip Departure Information

Road Condition:
Road Condition between Kathmandu and border is average good through hilly side from Trishuli city, Before it the road is well maintained. Once you arrive near Dhunche some portion are not paved and some time landslide may disturb which may cause waiting for a while or if impossible may also need to change another vehicle. After that once you arrive Syabrubesi the road condition is good and after that till border it is rough and bumpy road. After crossing border to China side the road until Kyirong good after Kyirong all the way to Kailash is newly fantastic paved road.

Overnight Halt Accommodation:
We provide best reviewed 3 star/ 4 star/ 5 star hotel in Kathmandu on request after your arrival in Kathmandu since you need minimum of 4 working days to proceed for Chinese Visa here in Kathmandu. and best available guest-houses during your trip to Kailash. There is some portion in Tibet where we could provide hotel such as at Saga/Lhasa/Shigatse, we provide newly built 3 star hotel, in Darchen we could provide well maintained 4 star hotel and some portion it is still remain remote area where only dormitory local guest-house available. As Kailash Tour is adventure trip and pilgrimage, please do not expect fancy hotels with modern facilities. Some portion it is only available basic amenities such as Manasarover and during Kailash circumambulation trek and also in Khyunglung area of western Tibet.

Altitude Problem:
As you are traveling on the Tibetan plateau over 4000m high terrain altitude symptoms may arise such as headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, breathlessness and stomach disorder etc. We always provide consultation on altitude problem during your trip preparation with full information and also we prepare first aid kit and other equipment such as PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber) to prevent against AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). All trips to western Tibet around Kailash region are not that much difficult in terms of adventure and comparing other high altitude expedition, Everybody could join in our tours but as the temperature varies greatly between 20° centigrade to -10° centigrade one should prepare accordingly. One important note is if someone has problem of heart and longs or asthma need to consult with their doctor before undertaking trip.

Custom and Currency:
Chinese custom opens 10 AM to 6 PM Beijing time (Beijing time is 2.15 hrs ahead of Nepal time) we must need to be checked in between this time. Your all permit and visa will be arranged by us and also our representative will assist you while border check in and check out. The Currency in Tibet is Chinese Yuan or RMB, The vallue of money as of today is USD 1 = RMB 6.5 and 1 RMB = INR 11 for Indian pilgrims. Money can be exchanged from our office which would be good to return if remained after trip or you could exchange at border with personal money changer. Note: you must need to exchange the remaining amount with the same person or agency from where you exchanged. ATM machine are available at Shigatse city, Gyantse and Lhasa. Now most of hotels accept USD and EURO in Tibet.

Risk & Liabilities:
We always effort to make your journey smooth and pleasant. However, as all the Tibet tours and treks are run strictly under Tibet Tourism Administration (TTA). We or our Tibet counterpart agent shall not be responsible for any alternation or cancellation of program due to any unavoidable circumstances beyond control such as road blockade, landslide, snow, political unrest cancellation of flight, delay arrival, lack of transport, visa rejected by Chinese authorities, sickness or accident. Any extra cost incurring there of shall be borne by the clients on the spot.

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