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Situated west of the Khumbu region the Rolwaling Himal stretches to the Bhotekoshi River which runs along the Araniko Highway.  This was once the only access to Tibet by land from Nepal, however, the border crossing has moved to Kyirong to the west since the earthquake of 2015. There are two peaks of hard climbing in the 7000-meter range. Gaurishankar which stands at 7143m, and Menlungtse at 7181m. These formidable peaks have rejected plenty of climbers especially Gaurishankar which is protected by a sheer 4000m rock face (7181 m). Consequently in 1979, a joint Nepalese — American party accomplished the first ascent. The summit of Menlungtse on the Tibet side was first climbed in 1992 by a Slovenian party. These two forbidding peaks do not overshadow the other high and beautiful 6000m peaks surrounding them Numbur (6937m), Chobutse (6685m) are another two that feature prominently.  There is a route in this area that leads to Khumbu via the high glacial Tsho Rolpa Lake and the Tashi Lapcha Pass. It is also a well-known trekking route nevertheless, few trekkers tackle this route because of its known difficulty. You will find many challenging yet accessible trekking routes in this unique region. 

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Ramdung Go and Pharchamo Peak Climbing, 25 Days

from 6.885 USD / Days: 25 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
What’s better than a lifetime of an experience of scaling a majestic peak? The answer is pretty obvious: the experience of mounting two such beauties! Ramdung Go and Pharchamo Peak Climbing will take you to the hidden peak of the Himalayas. Hiding solemnly among numerous higher peaks, these two peaks offer sublime mountaineering experience and mesmerizing views. The trail offers close-up at the...

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Indigenous Peoples Trail Home-Stay Trek, 10 Days

from 1.190 USD / Days: 10 / Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Moderate)
Indigenous Peoples Trail Home-Stay Trek is a unique trekking trail that provides an opportunity to explore the multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic areas of central Nepal. The Indigenous Peoples Trail, albeit at a low elevation below 3126m, it offers scenic and breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas stretching from Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges in the West to Numbur Chuli...

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Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek (High Glacial Lake in Rolwaling Valley), 17 Days

from 2.130 USD / Days: 17 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek is one of the least visited trekking routes located in the Rolwaling region which takes you to the largest glacial lake in Nepal, Tsho Rolpa. Although a neighbor to the most famous trekking destinations, Everest region, Tsho Rolpa remains remote and serene in all its glory. Apart from the pristine lake Tsho Rolpa itself, the trek features a continuous panorama of Gaurishankar...

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Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek, 18 Days

from 4.320 USD / Days: 18 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is a striking journey that sums up the beauty of both Rolwaling valley and Khumbu region of Nepal. This thrilling and inspiring trek leads you to a faraway location and lets you acknowledge the lovely views of the Himalayas with the difficulties of crossing the high-mountain pass of Tashi Lapcha (5755m). Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is an amazing mixture of...

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Ramdung Peak Climbing, 16 Days

from 3.410 USD / Days: 16 / Difficulty: 5 of 5 (Very Strenuous)
The Ramdung Go Peak is situated in the borders of Khumbu and Rolwaling valley in the eastern side of Nepal. The Ramdung Peak Climbing enchants you with magnificent views of the mountains such as Everest (8848m), Melungtse (7181m), Gaurishankar (7134m) and takes you to the beautiful ice glacial Lake of Tso Rolpa which is one of the natures wonders of Nepal. At 5,930m this is a climb which is not...

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Rolwaling Valley Trek, below Gaurishankar and off the beaten trail, 20 Days

from 3.055 USD / Days: 20 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Rolwaling Valley Trek is a high mountain valley trek which lies across the western border of the Khumbu region. The name Rolwaling means ‘valley carved by a plow’ and its steep cliffs do indeed give the impression of a plow-carved furrow. The alpine lakes, high pastures, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, and the views of the snowcapped mountains in the backdrop make this trek a treat for those...

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Below Gaurishankar, Rolwaling Valley, Camping Trek, 22 Days

from 3.050 USD / Days: 22 / Difficulty: 4 of 5 (Strenuous)
Introduction to Gaurishankar and Rolwaling Valley Trek Trekking in Rolwaling is one of Nepal's finest high mountain valleys West of the Khumhu, directly on the Tibetan frontier there is a wild, lonely high valley the "Rolwaling" which is called simply "the grave" by the indigenous Sherpa's on account of its location - buried down between steep ice-giants. Many mysterious stories have been passed...

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