SFT Newsletter June 2017 V2
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SFT Newsletter June 2017 V2

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"Since our Trekking Company is based in Kathmandu after the devastating Earthquake in April 2015 we started immediatedly with emergency help bringing more than 30 tons of, rice, lentils, oil and salt to the fully destroyed villages in Sindhupalchok. With the emotional, physical and financial support of our friends and clients throughout the world we were abel to organize very efficient and needed help to hundreds of people. Over the last 2 years we concentrated on the Simpal village and continued our support with projecting the houses, the school and developping other opportunities for the villagers to live a healthy livelihood. We rebuilt the primary school building, we send volunteers teaching English, we provided all the materials for rebuilding the village houses, we supported training for women of village about nutrition, health education, home-stay management to promote village tourism in the rural areas of Nepal". 


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