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If you want to see Nepal in a different way than from the top of a mountain, you should book our Cultural Circuit Tour ! It will include a Safari experience, holy places like Buddha's birthplace, a very beautiful high plateau village and Pokhara with its famous lakes.

You start in Kathmadu with our Landcruiser towards south, more precisely to Sauraha, which is in the Terrai just at the edge of the Chitwan National Park. You will have an excellent experience in the jungle, you can ride elephants or even camels, learn how to ride a horse and you are assured to eat delicious food. After a couple of days in Sauraha you go on to Lumbini which takes you one day driving and stay in a wonderful Japanese hotel, our suggestion. You can rent a bicycle and visit the birthplace of Buddha and other buddhist temples. The original vision once upon a time was to have 37 countries- those with buddhist population- to build monasteries in Lumbini. They were supposed to represent all the variations in the way the dharma was practised globally. After that go on to the Palpa district, to Tansen and stay in the Resort. Its a beautiful Highplateau and you can finally do some walking or just enjoy the fresh air and visit the villages. It will take you another day, to go to Pokhara from there and relax at the Fewa lake as long as you want. There are several possibilities to see buddhist monasteries, hindu temples, tibetan refugee camp and so on...whenever you feel like leaving, go on direction Kathmandu, which completes your circuit. On the way we suggest you to do another stop in Kurintar. Especially if you have kids, because we claim it is the nicest swimmingpool in whole Nepal and the rooms are very cosy in a japanese style as well. We can customize this trip in any way you wish and how much time you have to spend. This offer really contains all you could wish for, walking, riding, nature, wilderness, cycling, swimming, spirituality and best of all; fun.

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Multicultural Tour (Chitwan, Lumbini, Pokhara), 14 Days.

Days: 14 / Difficulty: 1 of 5 (Easy)
Nepal is a multicultural country where we have many of castes, several religions and different ethnic groups. All of them have their own cultural significance. The Culture of Nepal is really unique one of its kind in the world.We can explore our culture in different regions. Specially, Brahmin , Gurung ,Tamang ,Tharu ,Maithili , Tibetan, Sherpa,Thakali and Newari Culture are popular and alife in...

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Sightseeing Tour to Pokhara, Tansen and Lumbini 13 Days Including Jungle Safari in Bardiya National Park

Days: 13 / Difficulty: 1 of 5 (Easy)
Introduction to Sightseeing Tour to Pokhara, Tansen, Lumbini and Royal Bardiya Wildlife Reserve This is one of the most popular and scenic sightseeing tour in Nepal. This tour offers you in the historical cities of Nepal including Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan and Palpa Tansen. Pokhara valley offers the serenity of Lakes, majestic Himalayan scenery and worth visiting places. Tansen, an ancient...

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