Besteigung des Saribung Peak | Saribung Gipfel 6328m | 25 Tage
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Besteigung des Saribung Peak | Saribung Gipfel 6328m | 25 Tage

Tage: 25 / Schwierigkeit: 5 of 5 (Sehr anstregend)

Although established recently, the Saribung Peak Climbing has become very popular among the climbers and mountaineers because of the off beaten paths and difficult passes that it includes. Saribung Peak 6328m is located on the isolated part of the Mustang Region, close to the border of China. You will get to witness gorgeous views of landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and swerving rivers on this trek. You will also get to see some of the unique tradition and culture of the locals living in this isolated region.

The journey kicks start at the windy land of Jomsom and you head to Kagbeni. The trail incorporates beautiful ethnic communities, their unique culture and gradually leads you to an isolated region of Yara and Luri Gompa. The journey continues as you scale the Saribung peak and descend to Nar Phu Valley and end at Besisahar. The trail is challenging and includes rugged, trekking on the high cliffs, and goes through many isolated villages. Mustang Saribung Peak Climbing also goes through passes with ice and creases in between the Damodar Kunda region and Nar-Phu valley. On this trek, you can enjoy stunning views of mountains like Nilgiri Himal (7,061 m), Himlung Himal (7,126 m), Lamjung Himal (6,983 m), Mt. Manaslu (8,156 m), and Annapurna II (7,937 m) from the top of the Saribung peak 6328m. You will also visit some of the oldest monasteries of the region and also get to interact with the locals and experience their lifestyle. This trek has got all the necessary elements from challenging passes to the ancient culture that make it perfect for any travel-fanatic. The best time to go on this trek is from March to May and September to November. As the trail is challenging, you need to have physically fit to go on this trek.  

Swiss Family Treks and Expedition has been one of the pioneers in terms of organizing trips that reflect the mesmerizing beauty of various regions in Nepal. We offer excellent transportation and accommodation facilities along with guides fluent in English. We also have the safety and satisfaction of our clients as our primal priority to make the travel an unforgettable one for you.

Email us for more information regarding Saribung Peak Climbing. 

Fakten zum Klettern

Trek Region
Mustang und Nar-Phu Region
Art des Treks
Wandern und Klettern
25 Tage
Höchste Erhebung
6,328 m (20,761 ft)
Sehr Anstrengend
Vollpension während der Wanderung
4* Hotel in Kathmandu, Pokhara und Lodge, teilweise Zeltlager während dem Trek
Beste Saison
Herbst (Sep-Okt-Nov) und Frühling (März-April-Mai)
Transport mit
Dornier oder ATR für die Inlandflüge, Privatauto oder Landcruiser

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Saribung Peak Climbing Itinerary 
Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu 1338m

You will be welcomed at the Tribhuvan International Airport by one of our team representatives. He will take you to our hotel where you will be going to stay. Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Full Day Guided Sightseeing Tour in Kathmandu Valley (Mustang & Nar-Phu Valley Restricted Area Permit Procedure)
You will go on a sightseeing tour today. You will visit the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites like sacred Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa and Swayambhunath stupa. These sites are the monumental structures and greatly reflect the peak cultural and religious prosperity the city achieved during its golden age. After enjoying the tour around the city, you will return to the hotel and prepare for the journey in days to come. Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.   

Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara 820m/25 minutes
You will take a flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu. The flight will be short and offer you beautiful views of gorgeous landscapes. After reaching Pokhara, you will be taken to your hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to explore the nearby area and rest. You can take the leisurely stroll around the lakeside and also enjoy the boat ride on Phewa Lake. Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Pokhara.

Day 4: Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom 2720m/25 minutes and trek to Kagbeni 2810m/3-4 hours
You will wake up early in the morning and take a flight to Jomsom. Due to the unpredictable weather of this region flight delays and cancellations might also occur. In such situations, we provide alternatives albeit the payments for the alternative will have to be paid by you. After reaching Jomsom, you will begin trekking towards Kagbeni. You will trek along the bank of Kaligandaki River and reach Lubra. You will visit Bon-Po monastery here and trek towards Ekle Bhatti. Further ahead, the trail will take you to Kagbeni. Overnight at a lodge in Kagbeni.

Day 5: Trek from Kagbeni to Chele 3050m/5-6 hours
You will register your Restricted Area Permit in check post and continue trekking along the bank of Kaligandaki River. You will ascend and descend a few times and reach Chhusang Village. You will get to see Mani walls and Chortens on the way. You will then cross a bridge over Kaligandaki River, and you will see 16 caves above a tunnel. You will ascend steeply and reach Chele. You will get to see beautiful views of Nilgiri Himal (7,061 m) from here. Overnight at a lodge in Chele.

Day 6: Trek from Chele to Ghiling 3570m/6-7 hours via Chungsi Cave
You will ascend and reach a plateau. You will keep climbing on a slope and steep cliff. You will then descend to Samar Village where you will take a small break. Further, you will ascend and descend several times to reach Chungsi cave monastery. You will continue trekking on the narrow trail and ascend and descend to reach Ghiling. Overnight at a lodge in Ghiling.

Day 7: Trek from Ghiling to Tsarang 3560m/6-7 hours 
You will begin trekking by ascending towards Jhaite Village. You will see gorgeous views from Nyi La Pass 4,010 m. You will cross the pass and enter in the Mustang region. From here, you will keep descending to reach the pass and again descend on the steep path to reach Ghami Village. You will cross a small river and descend gradually towards Tsarang Village. You will see a big Chorten at the entrance of the village, and later in the evening, you will visit an old palace and Tsarang Gompa. Overnight at a lodge in Tsarang.

Day 8: Trek from Tsarang to Lo-Manthang 3810m/6-7 hours via Ghar Gompa
You will begin the day with an uphill trek. You will get to explore the Lo-Gyakar-Ghar Gompa. Further, you will trek along the side of a river and reach Marang village. You will cross a small river and ascend towards Chogo-La pass at 4,280 m, which is the highest point in this region. From here, you will descend to reach Lo-Manthang, an ancient village of Mustang. Overnight at a lodge in Lo-Manthang.

Day 9: Acclimatization Day
Acclimatization is an integral part of any trip that goes above 3000m. Today, you will spend the day adjusting your body to the unfamiliar atmosphere. You can spend the day hiking around the village. Also, there are numerous places in the village where you can get insights into the culture and history of the region. The region used to be a kingdom and the palace from those times still stands gloriously along with many monasteries which can be visited. Overnight at a lodge in Lo-Manthang.  

Day 10: Trek from Lo-Manthang to Yara 3650m/6-7 hours
You will ascend gradually until you reach Dhi-La pass (3950m). From here, you can see the overall view of Lo-Manthang. Further, the trail will take you to Dhi Village, and you will descend down to a small river. You will ascend steeply towards Yara Village. Upon reaching Yara, you will get to witness several caves on the stone walls. Overnight at a lodge Yara.

Day 11: Trek from Yara to Luri Cave Monastery 4000m/3-4 hours
Today's trek will be short towards Luri Gompa. You will trek through the river route to the Luri Cave Monastery. You will see two monasteries here. The first is located below the Luri Cave Monastery and from here, you will take a short steep climb to reach the Luri Cave Monastery. These monasteries were built in the 15th century. You will see ancient Chorten, images, and statues of deities, and also a religious text. Overnight at a tented camp in Luri Gompa.

Day 12: Trek from Luri Gompa from Ghuma Thanti 4600m/5-6 hours
The trek will follow a trail that ascends gradually to reach Ghumna Thanti. Enjoying the beautiful landscapes, we will trek towards our destination for the day. Upon reaching Ghuma Thanti, you will explore the area. You can get great views of the surrounding regions and the beautiful Kyumupani River further add to the magnificence of the region. Overnight at a tented camp in Ghumna Thanti. 

Day 13: Trek from Ghuma Thanti to Namta Khola 4890/7-8 hours
You will begin trekking after having breakfast. You will ascend and descend and cross another pass at 5,600 meters. You will reach Damodar Kunda and have a small break here to have lunch. You will then pass through the lake and reach Namta Khola. The journey can be a bit exhausting, however, the serenity of the region takes all the toil away. Overnight at a tented camp in Namta Khola.

Day 14: Trek from Namta Khola to Saribung Base Camp 4950/6-7 hours
You will trek on the Tibetan Plateau today. You will ascend towards the high altitude and reach Base Camp. Due to the isolated region, you will pack your lunch with you. The trek to the Base Camp is filled with rather a difficult path and it is advised to take utmost caution during the journey. Overnight at a tented camp in Base Camp.

Day 15: Acclimatization day
This is your another rest day to get acclimatized with the increasing altitude. You will go on the small hike to the hills and explore the surroundings. The region around the base camp offers great views of the mountain ranges in the Annapurna region. Following the exploration day, you will return to the Base Camp and prepare for the climb. Overnight at a tented camp in Base Camp.

Day 16: Trek from Base Camp to Camp I 5730m/5-6 hours,
After having breakfast in the beautiful surrounding, you will begin trekking towards Camp I. The trail will be strenuous due to the rocks and snow. You will ascend slowly towards the Camp I. Mid-way through the trek, you take a break to rest and have lunch. Upon reaching the Camp I, you can relax amid the beautiful mountains. Overnight at a tented camp in Camp I.

Day 17: Summit to Saribung Peak 6328m and back to Base Camp 4950m/8-9 hours
The climb will begin early in the morning around 1 am. The winds in the mountains get stronger by the day so the trek usually begins as early as possible. The trek begins with the ascent on rocky terrain and steep slopes. Following a rigorous walk, you will reach the summit of the Saribung peak which offers magnificent views of the thick spread of towering peaks of the surrounding region. Some peaks whose sight can be relished from the top of the mountain include Chhib Himal (6650m), Kharsang Peak (6225m) and a great many mountains in Annapurna region. Following the glorious sight, we head back to Base Camp. Overnight at a tented camp in Base Camp.

Day 18: Trek from Base Camp to Ngoru 4400m/5-6 hours via Saribung Pass 5600m
You will trek towards the Saribung Pass (6042m). Further, you will descend down to Nagoru following a stream through the trail covered with snow. You will take a small break to have lunch. The trek involves many ascents and descents through mesmerizing landscapes and alpine atmosphere to head towards Nagoru. Overnight at a tented camp in Ngoru.

Day 19: Trek from Ngoru to Phu Gaon 4080m/5-6 hours
You will again trek on the Tibetan Plateau through the barren valley. You will get to witness snow-covered peaks all around you. You will reach Phu Gaon, which is a beautiful secluded valley. You will get to see the tradition and culture of the ethnic groups like Gurung, Lamas, and Ghale. You will visit one of the oldest monasteries for Buddhists, Tashi Lhakhang Monastery. You will also witness stunning views of Himlung Himal (7,126 m) from here. Overnight at a lodge in Phu Gaon.

Day 20: Trek from Phu Gaon to Meta 3560m/5-6 hours
Leaving Phu Gaon, you descend to Meta. You leave Phu valley and follow the trail along Phu River where you can even get sights of Blue Sheep along the way. The trail is rather difficult aided by the isolation of the region from much human involvement. You head to Kyang on a rocky path and move ahead to Chyakhu and Jhunum. Descending further, you will reach Meta. Overnight at a lodge in Meta.

Day 21: Trek from Meta to Koto 2600m/6-7 hours
You will descend steeply and trek through the lovely pine forest. You will also go through several beautiful streams and a gorgeous waterfall. Further, you will cross a few suspension bridges and reach Koto. Following the trail along Naar Khola, you will reach Koto. You will trek for around six hours to reach here. Overnight at a lodge in Koto.

Day 22: Trek from Koto to Dharapani 1860m/5-6 hours
You will begin trekking through the small villages and pine forest to reach Timang. You will get to witness a glimpse of Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m) and other mountains. You will then descend down towards Danakyu through the rough trail. You will take a small break here to have lunch. Further, you will walk on the flat trail to reach Dharapani. Overnight at a lodge in Dharapani.

Day 23: Trek from Dharapani to Jagat 1300m/5-6 hours
You will descend down along the Marsayangdi River crossing the iron bridge. You will then ascend along the upstream of Marsayangdi River to reach Kotro. You will cross a long thrilling suspension bridge over the Marsayangdi River, and crossing one more bridge, you will descend down to Tal Village. Further going through the dense forest, you will reach Chyamche. Then, the trail continues until you reach Jagat Village. Overnight at a lodge in Jagat.

Day 24: Drive from Jagat to Kathmandu 7-8 hours by private land cruiser 
You will descend down on the rocky trail and reach Syange. You will then trek along the Marsayangdi River and reach Bhulbule. From here, you will take a private van to drive back to the Kathmandu. On the way, you will get to see lovely villages and beautiful landscapes and hills. Upon reaching Kathmandu, you will be taken to the hotel. Overnight stay at a 4-star hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 25: Final Departure from Kathmandu
Today, you will be escorted to the airport for your flight back to your next destination. You will check-out of the hotel and move towards the airport for the flight to your destination. 

Pricing on Group Size Basis:
All inclusive Trek and Climbing Price for single participant basis: USD 10,290 Per Person 
All inclusive Trek and Climbing Price for 2-4 participants basis: USD 6175 Per Person

Join With us on a Saribung Peak Cimbing in 2022/2023.

Customize Your Climbing Trip: This is a general itinerary, which can always individually be “tailormade”. The trek package can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, For more information please e-mail us at

Note: In case of emergency during the trip, Helicopter will be arranged by Swiss  Family Treks & Expedition GmbH. The charges must be paid by the clients themselves.

Preis Erwachsener Status *
USD 6,175
EUR 5.558
SFr 5.866
Tour ist verfügbar
* Dates can be flexible, please contact us for individual dates.

* Flughafen / Hotel / Flughafen Transfer mit dem Privatwagen.
* 3 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer mit Frühstück in einem 4* Kathmandu Guest House oder Dalai-La Boutique Resort in Kathmandu.
* 1 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer mit Frühstück in einem 4* Hotel Temple Tree Resort in Pokhara.
* Kathmandu Stadtrundfahrt wie oben beschrieben und alle Eintrittsgebühren.
* Domestic Flug von Kathmandu-Pokhara-Jomsom und Flughafengebühren.
* Mahlzeiten (Frühstück, Mittag und Abendessen) mit Tee und Kaffee und heißem / kaltem Filterwasser während der Wanderung.
* Alle Trekkingausrüstungen (Zelt, Küchenzelt, Toilettenzelt und Küchenutensilien) während der Kletterperiode.
* Lodge und Camp Unterkunft im Zelt während der Trekking und Kletterperiode.
* 1 erfahrener, hilfsbereiter und freundlicher Reiseleiter, 1 Koch, Gepäckträger (1 Gepäckträger für 2 Personen), deren Verpflegung und Unterkunft, Gehalt, Ausrüstung und Versicherung.
* Alle Transporte mit privatem Fahrzeug.
* Upper Mustang und Nar-Phu Tal Restricted Area permits.
* Annapurna Conservation Area Genehmigung und alle anderen notwendigen Genehmigungen.
* Peak Climbing Permits und Abfallgebühr.
* Kosten für die Ausrüstung und Versicherung des Kletterführers.
* Erste-Hilfe-Kasten.
* Dienstleistungs Gebühren.
* Steuern.

Nicht inbegriffen
* Alle Mahlzeiten in Kathmandu und Pokhara ausser dem Frühstücks.
* Reiseversicherung
* Internationales Ticket nach Nepal.
* Nepal Tourist Visa-Gebühr.
* Sachen und Ausgaben persönlicher Natur.
* Jede Art von alkoholischen Getränken, kalte Getränke, Wäscherei, Anrufe, Internet.
* Persönliche Trekking-Ausrüstung wie Schlafsäcke, Jacken
* Emergency Evacuation (Hubschrauberbergung).
* Alle Kosten, die sich auf Grund einer Änderung der Reiseroute ergeben, wegen Erdrutschen, politische Unruhen sowie Streiks usw.
* Alle anderen Kosten die nicht in den Kosten als inbegriffen erwähntg werden
* Pferd mieten und zusätzliche Träger
* Trinkgelder für den Führer, Träger, Fahrer ...

                                     Trinkgeld wird erwartet, aber es ist nicht zwingend erforderlich.

Besteigung des Saribung Peak | Saribung Gipfel 6328m | 25 Tage


* Ihre persönlichen Daten werden streng vertraulich behandelt und niemals an Dritte weitergegeben.

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