Incredible Bhutan Tour - 9 Nights/ 10 Days
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Incredible Bhutan Tour - 9 Nights/ 10 Days

Tage: 10 / Schwierigkeit: 1 of 5 (Leicht)
Min Personen: 1 / Max Personen: 14

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan with our 9 Nights/10 Days tour itinerary. Discover the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich heritage of this Himalayan paradise. Highlights include visits to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the serene Punakha Dzong, and the bustling capital city, Thimphu. Immerse yourself in the unique traditions, sample delicious Bhutanese cuisine, and enjoy warm hospitality. Perfect for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, and adventurers alike, this tour offers a comprehensive experience of Bhutan’s most treasured sights.

Nestled in the folds of the Eastern Himalayas, remaining in self-imposed isolation for centuries, Bhutan opened up to the world in a glacial pace. The population lived in close harmony with nature, evolving a unique identity, derived largely from a rich religious and cultural heritage. This country of 700,000 people, roughly the size of Switzerland, is the world’s only Mahayana Buddhist country. The Buddhist respect for all sentient beings helped Bhutan protect its pristine ecology and wildlife.

This self-sufficient population was never colonized and had limited contact to the outside world. Buddhism was established in the 8th century by the Indian saint Padmasambhava, popularly known in the Tantric tradition as Guru Rinpoche. Perhaps the most dynamic era in Bhutanese history came in the 17th century with the arrival, in 1616, of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the great leader of the Drukpa school of Mahayana Buddhism. He unified the country and established the foundations for national governance and the Bhutanese identity.

In 1907, a historic Assembly of the clergy, the official administration, and the people unanimously elected Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck as the first hereditary King of Bhutan thus beginning the glorious era of the Wangchuck dynasty. In 2006, the fourth king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck announced that he would abdicate in favor of a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. In 2008, the year that marked 100 years of the monarchy saw two important events; the first democratic elections and the coronation of the fifth king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Facts and Figures:-
Land area         : 38,394 square kilo metres
Forest area       : 72.5 %
Altitude            : Between 240metres and 7541metres above sea level
Inhabitants       : 700,000
Language         : Official language “Dzongkha”, English widely spoken
Religion            : Vajrayana stream of Mahayana Buddhism (Also known as Tantric Buddhism)
Currency          : Ngultrum (equal to Indian Rupee)
Capital             : Thimphu
National Tree    : Cypress
National Bird     : Raven
National Flower : Blue Poppy
National Sport   : Archery
National Animal : Takin
Local time         : Six hours ahead of GMT and half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time

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Itinerary in details 
Day 01: Arrive Paro – Thimphu

After arriving & visa formalities and collection of baggage, you will be welcomed by our tour representative who will be your tour guide during your entire trip in Bhutan.
You can choose to visit any or all of the following places: -
Tachogang Lhakhang:- Tachogang Lhakhang is located in Paro district, on the way to Thimphu. It was founded by Thangthong Gyelpo after he experienced a vision of Guru Rinpoche, Amitabha, and Avalokiteshvara near the site. The caretakers today are said to be descendants of Thangtong Gyelpo. Inside the temple, one can see the master’s relics, including his walking stick.
National Memorial Chorten:- The National Memorial was built in memorial of Bhutan's third king, H.M. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck who is also known as the "father of modern Bhutan." He wanted to erect a monument carrying the message of world peace and prosperity. However, he was unable to give shape to his idea in his lifetime due to the pressures of the state and other regal responsibilities. After his untimely demise in 1972, the Royal Family and Cabinet resolved to fulfill his wishes and erect a memorial that would perpetuate his memory and also serve as a monument to eternal peace, harmony, and tranquility.
Leisure time in the evening. Overnight at a 3*/4* Hotel in Thimphu. 

Day 02: Thimphu Sightseeing 
After breakfast, proceed sightseeing.
Buddha View Point:- Another place from where you can get a good overview of the Thimphu valley is Buddha Point (KuenselPhodrang).
Bhutan Post Office:- The Postal Service in Bhutan was first launched on 10th October 1962 with the opening of a post office in Phuentsholing. In the same year, post offices were also opened in Paro and Thimphu. 
Traditional paper-making factory:- You can pay your obeisance and offer prayers to the Buddha statue, the largest in the country and then walk around and take a glimpse of the valley and then visit the traditional paper-making factory. Afternoon Relax and walk around the Thimphu town by yourself to enjoy the city.
Tashichho Dzong:- The Tashichho Dzong is a Buddhist monastery cum fortress at the northern edge of Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan. The Dzong was built on the western bank of the river Wang Chu and has historically served at the seat of the DrukDesi or the Dharma Raja of Bhutan’s government. After the kings assumed power in 1907 this post was combined with that of the king and Thimphu severed as the summer capital of the kingdom before becoming the full-time capital of Bhutan.
Simtokha Dzong:- Simtokha Dzong also known as Sangak Zabdhon Phodrang is a small dzong. It was built in 1629 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who unified Bhutan. It is the first of its kind built in Bhutan.
Overnight at a 3*/4* Hotel in Thimphu.
After breakfast at hotel, Drive to Punakha across Dochula pass (3080m). In Bhutan, the passes are marked by a large Bhutanese Chorten and prayer flag. Dochula pass offers the most spectacular view over the high peaks of the eastern Himalayas on a clear day. After checking into hotel, proceed to visit Punakha Dzong, a massive structure built at the junction of two rivers. It was the capital of Bhutan until 1955, and still serves as the winter residence of the monk body. Later in the day excursion to Chimi Lhakhang (from hotel it is about 15 minutes’ drive till motorable road and then walk starts through paddy fields and villages. This is total about 1½ hour walk, including both way). The Chimi Lhakhang, situated on a hillock in the centre of the valley, also known as the temple of fertility. It is widely believed that couples who do not have children and wanting one, if they pray at this temple, they are usually blessed with a child very soon. The trail leads across rice fields to the tiny settlement of Pana, meaning ‘field’. A walk through the village near the temple will give you rare glimpses into the daily life and lifestyle of the villagers.
Overnight at a 3*/4* Hotel in Punakha.

Day 04: Punakha - Bumthang 
After morning breakfast, we will drive towards Bumthang via Trongsa. On the way, we will stop  and Visit Trongsa and Ta Dzong. Then we will continue to drive toward Bumthang. 
Overnight at a Lodge/Resort/Guesthouse/Farmhouse in Bumthang.

Day 05: Bumthang – Day sightseeing 
JakarDzong:- The JakarDzong is situated above the Jakar village in the Chamkhar valley of Bumthang. The Dzong was originally a site of a monastery that was being constructed at the time of Lama NgagiWanchuck’s visit to Bhutan. According to legend during the construction of the Dzong, a white bird emerged from the structure and perched itself on the site. In Bhutanese culture, a white bird is considered to be auspicious.
JambayLhakhang:- JambayLhakhang was built by King SrongsenGampo of Tibet in 659 AD. The temple was blessed by Guru Rimpoche during his visit to Bumthang.
KurjeyLhakhang:- The KurjeyLhakhang is a monastery located in the Bumthang Valley of Bhutan. The KurjeyLakahng Temple Complex is a 30-minute hike from the JambayLhakhang temple. According to legend Sendhu Raja, the King of Bumthang was very ill and invited Guru Rinpoche the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan to give him a cure for his ailment.
Namkhenyingpogoemba:- NamkheNyingpoGoemba is located on a hill just east of the town of Jakar, the administrative center of the Bumthang district. The monastery was established in 1970 and is home to about 300 monks who are learning about Nyingma Buddhism. 
Overnight at a Lodge/Resort/Guesthouse/Farmhouse in Bumthang.

Day 06: Bumthang – Tang Valley Excursion 
Early Morning after Breakfast, you will visit TANG VALLEY and Burning Lake. The Tang Valley is the most isolated and remote of the 4 valleys that make up the district of Bumthang. The valley is located about10 kilometers away from Jakar along the east-west road towards the town of Ura. 
Tang Valley:- After traveling a few kilometers we will turn off onto a gravel road that continues a further 7 kilometers along to view the KunzangdrakGoemba monastery, which was established in 1488 by Trenton Pema Lingpa.
Burning Lake:- The Burning Lake or the Membartsho is a deep-water pool in a gorge of the Tangchu River. The Burning Lake is located about 15 minutes off the road that goes towards the Tang Valley of Bumthang. The place enjoys a very special spiritual significance for the people of Bhutan. One of the most striking features of the location is the huge number of colorful prayer flags that hang everywhere along the river gorge. As you trek down to the pool be warned that it is considered sacrilegious to enter the water body due to its holiness.
ThangbiLakhang:- Since there is no motor able road to this temple the only way to get there is by foot, the temple can be reached by completing a two hour walk up the picturesque Choker Valley of Bumthang. The temple was established in 1470 by Shamar Rinpoche (the red hat Karmapa). 
The UgyenCholling:- Palace is located east of the district headquarters Jakar in the remote Tang Valley. The palace can be reached after completing a 20-mile journey east of which 13 miles are along an unpaved gravel road up to the village of Kezum, from where the place is about an hour’s hike away. The UgyenCholling Palace was built in the 17th century AD by Deb TsokeyDorji, a noble man from the lineage of Buddhist saint DDorji Lingpa.
In evening you will go and visit the National Handicrafts Emporium 
The National Handcrafts Emporium is a state-run Handicrafts showroom in 4 different cities of Bhutan. The emporium is run by the National Woman’s Association of Bhutan as a Non-Government  
Overnight at a Lodge/Resort/Guesthouse/Farmhouse in Bumthang.

Day 07: Bumthang to Phobjikha Valley / Gangtey Valley 
Today after breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Phobjikha valley where you enjoy the views of the immense and remote Phobjikha valley and the black mountain ranges. In Phobjikha the villagers continue to live a traditional Bhutanese rural lifestyle. This is the site where black-necked cranes visit in their hundreds in November each year after spending the summer in Tibet. As a result, no electricity is run to the valley to avoid disturbing their habitat. Evening leisure time for you. 
Overnight at a Resort/3* Hotel in Phobjikha.

Day 08: Phobjikha – Paro 
After breakfast in the Phobjikha hotel, we will drive back to Paro on the way we will visit Simtokha Dzong one of the oldest Dzong in Bhutan. Lunch in Paro. After lunch, you can visit Ta Dzong (‘the watch tower’) now housing the National Museum of Bhutan stamps. Built on top of the hill above Rinpung Dzong, it was originally used to defend Rinpung Dzong and the Paro valley during times of war.  Its unusual circular construction resembles a conch shell and it now contains a magnificent collection of Bhutanese artifacts – costumes, religious paintings, arms, textiles, and a fascinating collection. Overnight at a 3*/4* Hotel in Paro.

Day 09: Hike to Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Monastery)
Take a day’s walk to the ‘Tiger's Nest’, the sacred Taktsang monastery which climbs to the rock face 900 meters above the valley floor. Guru Rinpoche is said to have flown to the site riding on a tigress.  He subsequently meditated here for three months.  It is one of Bhutan’s most holy sites and draws pilgrims not only from Bhutan but also from neighboring Buddhist countries.  You can have lunch at the Taktsang cafeteria from where you get a spectacular view of the monastery.
Overnight at a 3*/4* Hotel in Paro. 
Day 10: Departure and transfer to Paro Airport
In the morning after early breakfast, we will see you off at the Paro Airport for your onward destinations.

# Bhutan Trip Package Cost (3-Star Hotel):
01Pax - USD 2880
02Pax - USD 2160 Per Person
03-08Pax - USD 2025 Per Person 
09-14Pax - USD 1890 Per Person
Single Supplement - USD 30 Per Night 
Additional Cost for Bhutan Visa Fee - USD 40 Per Person 

# Bhutan Trip Package Cost (4-Star Hotel):
01Pax - USD 3330
02Pax - USD 2430 Per Person
03-08Pax - USD 2295 Per Person 
09-14Pax - USD 2160 Per Person
Single Supplement - USD 40 Per Night 
Additional Cost for Bhutan Visa Fee - USD 40 Per Person 

•    Ta Dzong – Paro (National Museum): closed on Government Holidays
•    National Library – Thimphu: Closed on Saturday, Sunday & on Government holidays
•    Textile Museum – Thimphu: Closed on Government Holidays & on Sunday. On Saturday, it open from 9.00 AM to 4 PM
•    Institute of Zorig Chusum (Arts & Crafts School) - Thimphu: Closed on Sunday & Government holidays. On Saturday, it open from 10 AM to 12 o’clock. Also closed in winter (from December – early March).
•    Simply Bhutan – Thimphu: Closed on Sunday & on Government holidays
•    Tiger’s Nest Monastery – Paro: Closed on all Tuesdays
•    Folk Heritage Museum: Closed on all Sunday & on government holidays

Customize Your Tour: This is a general itinerary, which can always individually be “tailormade”. The tour package can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, For more information please e-mail us at

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Our Bhutan Tour Package Cost includes:
* Airport/Hotel/Airport pick up and transfer by private car/van.
* Guide - English speaking local Bhutanese guide throughout the tour from arrival to departure.
* Sightseeing - all sightseeing and entrance fees including any festival visits.
* Transport - meet on arrival, airport transfers on arrival and departure and all overland transport within Bhutan.
* Accommodation - deluxe accommodation in single/double/twin bed sharing basis room at 3*/4* Hotel in Bhutan trip.
* Meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner during the Bhutan tour.
* Agency Service charge.

Our Bhutan Tour Package Cost doesn't include:
* Travel insurance.
* International air fare to and from Bhutan.
* Bhutan Visa Fee and Fees for Tourism development Fund.
* Items and expenses of personal nature.
* Any kind of alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry, phone call, internet.
* Personal Trekking Equipment.
* Emergency Evacuation (Helicopter Rescue).
* Any costs which arise due to a change of the itinerary, because of landslides, political disturbance, and strikes etc.
* Any other costs whatsoever, that is not mentioned in the cost included.
* Tips for guide, porters, driver..

Incredible Bhutan Tour - 9 Nights/ 10 Days


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