A Story of single Women traveling to Buddhist Sacred Sites Trail of Everest Region
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A Story of single Women traveling to Buddhist Sacred Sites Trail of Everest Region

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Written by: Ms. Holly Meegan, 30 years old, Australia 
Sent to: Mr. Sonam Sherpa, a trekking guide
Trek organized by: Swiss Family Treks & Expedition 
Trek Date: 24th October to 9th November 2017
Photo Credit: Sonam Sherpa

Dear Sonam,
Thank you for being the BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST GUIDE EVER!!! This trek & whole experience was the best beacuse of you! You are so professional, hard working & kind. You were so thoughtful & caring & made sure, I was always safe, feeling ok & comfortable.

Holly Meegan Everest Trek

As my guide you looked after me so well that I felt I could relax & enjoy the trek because I trusted you completely! Thank you for being patient with me when my legs were tired or I was tired! You have such a great sense of human & you always made me laughs! Thank you also for telling me incredible stories from your life!! You have taught me so much about Sherpa Culture & Buddhism & I have such respect & appreciation for your wonderful culture & traditions.

Holly Meegan Everest Trek
Thank you also for suggesting & then encouraging & helping me to trek up to a 5300m peak, Amadablam base camp & up to 5300m again!! Without your encouragement & help I wouldn't have been able to do it!! I feel very satisfied & proud of how high I climbed with your help! Also having lunch with your freinds at Amadablam base camp was so cool, such a highlight!

Holly Meegan Everest Trek
Thank you also for sharing your Buddhist faith with me & taking me to so many beautiful & incredible monasteries. I will never forget what I have learnt on this trip & all the wonderful memories!!! I will miss trekking with you & I shall miss this incredible, spectacularly beautiful part of the world. But lets stay in touch & hopefully I can come back to trek again one day with you as my guide again.

Mountains in Everest Trek
Also thank you for being the best photographer & taking so many amazing photos on your awesome phone & sendiing them to me!!
You are just the best Sonam, 
Thuche che, Thuche che my friend,
I will miss you,

Here is the Trek Itinerary for Buddhist Sacred Sites Trail of Everest Region for your reference if you could interested to join with us. 

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Mountain in Everest Trekking

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