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Promotion for the Far West Humla Simikot

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Swiss Nepal Family Trekking
Humla is considered one of the most remote and isolated regions in Nepal, reachable only by foot or small aircrafts which are irregularly landing in the district head quarter, Simikot. It is situated high in the Himalaya, in the Karnali Zone, North-western Nepal, bordering the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Humla has two distinct faces. Both of the faces will take your breath away. On the one hand, Humla is a unique and beautiful place where the nature's true gifts are still intact. Its icy cold water is rich in minerals, the fresh air is free from carbon monoxide, its mesmerizing landscape full of known and unknown herbs and vegetations, and food grown in the region is 100% organic. But on the other hand, its isolation has pushed Humla far behind from the rest of the world. Isolation and poverty in these beautiful yet harsh Trans Himalayan mountains deprive people of all but their bare life. This trek takes you the strangest place in the world. Beautiful, bitter, joyous, and holy, it is Humla, an ancient territory at the edge of Nepal. Bordering Tibet, hidden in the Himalayas. The vistas captures in yours photographs are both limitless and intimate; here is a land of eternally snow-capped mountains and sweeping valleys, eerie, forbidding as the landscape of some distant moon, its people all but forgotten by the rest of the world. Their lives are struggle—the alpine soil metes out sustenance grudgingly; trade with distant neighbors means days of driving stubborn yaks over perilous mountain trails; disease is a constant companion (the average woman bears eight children, of whom six may live to adulthood); and the long winter threatens to banish the warmth of life forever. Yet these lives yield untold riches. As if the splendid isolation and sheer altitude of the hidden Himalayas bring their inhabitants closer to the gods, the Hindu Chhetri and Thakuri and Buddhist Bhotia people of this land are possessed of spirituality few Westerners will ever know. In Humla, the gods are everywhere—in the clouds, in the mountains, in the very dung with which the soil is fertilized.

Simikot-Hilsa Limi Circuit Camping Trek, 20 Days

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Simikot-Hilsa Limi Valley Trek The Limi Valley is one of the most remote and remarkable valleys in the Nepal Himalayas situated in the Humla district of the Karnali zone of north western Nepal. The valley reminds of a Tibetan landscape, with dry and desert like terrain surrounded by very high mountains. Most of the inhabitants of the region have Tibetan origin and their culture, tradition and lifestyle is highly ... [ Read more ]

Simikot- Raling Monastery- Nhin Valley- Culture Camping Trek, 12 Days

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Max altitude: 4050m. This trip is the shortest and yet one of the most culturally and scenically striking trips in Humla. The 'Nhin'(sun) valley is reached in a day walk from Simikot at elevations between 3000m and 4100 m. Nyinba(Nhinba), a Bhotia community(in nepali; Bara-Thapalya), inhabit this valley.(Humla Bhotia is one of the many vernacular Tibeto-Burman languages lying on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ... [ Read more ]

Simikot-Rara Lake (Humla-Mugu) Camping Trek, 17 DAYS

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking This trek follows through the Southern Humla with incredible views of foothills, hills, mountains, lush forests to arid lands. The trail leads along the Karnali River, the longest river of Nepal touching various village settlements of ethnicities like Khasas, Thakuris, Brahmins, and Byansis. It ends at Rara Lake, the biggest lake in Nepal which lies inside the Rara National Park. The area is a home for hundreds ... [ Read more ]

Humla Chang La Valley Camping Trek, 20 Days

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Humla Chang La Valley Trek Entering from Simikot, (2910m) eastwards into Thehe and Dozam village, the trail follows the Chang River through the lush valleys of medicinal forest products and wild animals reaching the enigmatic view of Changla, (6900m) and the pristine lakes and peaks in the periphery. Finally, the trail winds touching the Limi valley and circulating back into Simikot through Kermi village. ... [ Read more ]

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