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Fixed Departure Treks 2016 and 2017

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Swiss Family Trekking and Expedition Pvt. Ltd Nepal. offers fixed departure Trekking and Tours in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with applicable time frame for the Traveler/Trekker seekers who has desire to explore in the Himalayas with new colleague from all over the world. Fixed departures are offered throughout both spring and autumn seasons and will depart with a minimum of 2 participants and we will limit the group to maximum 20 participants. Fixed departures are designed with single traveler in mind, who is looking for an international flavor in their travel and who wishes to meet, socialize and develop international friendships and traveling contacts throughout the world. The travelers, who join us for fixed departures trekking are willing to share accommodation, meals and adventure with others likeminded people. This program provides flexibility for people, who want to select adventure and escape to different world, to break their monotonous work pattern and revitalize their humanity, when they have opportunity for spare moment and without excessive planning and commitment to a group. Some of our fixed departures take into account school holidays in Australia to facilitate holiday opportunities for both teachers and students. Naturally all our fixed departures can be modified and customized for groups and individuals to make your adventure holiday a reality. We will try to adjust you in groups or even you are lonely travelers/trekkers. Our professional adventure guide and crews make your trip like in groups and like family trip with amazing experience in the Himalayas. We offer fixed departure Trekking, Peak Climbing, Expedition and any kind of adventure in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan according to your traveling schedule. So let us know to design your upcoming trip in Himalayas at below listed fixed departure treks dates.


Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Tsum Valley Trek Tsum Valley was a restricted area until it was opened for trekking in 2008 and there is a little information available on the area. The Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan Budhhist pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Nepal. Literally “Tsum” means vivid against the majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha Ranges, this serene Himalayan valley is rich in ... [ Read more ]

Everest Base Camp Lodge Trek, 17 Days Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Everest Base Camp Trek is an incredible experience introducing you to an amazing view of the highest mountain in the Himalaya, where being able to stand on the top of the world has for centuries been one of man's most daring challenges. Mount Everest Base Camp has been a popular destination for trekkers since the very first expeditions to the Nepalese side of Everest in the 1953. To reach this part of the Himalaya within a limited ... [ Read more ]

Simikot-Hilsa Limi Circuit Camping Trek, 21 Days Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Simikot-Hilsa Limi Valley Trek The Limi Valley is one of the most remote and remarkable valleys in the Nepal Himalayas situated in the Humla district of the Karnali zone of north western Nepal. The valley reminds of a Tibetan landscape, with dry and desert like terrain surrounded by very high mountains. Most of the inhabitants of the region have Tibetan origin and their culture, tradition and lifestyle is highly ... [ Read more ]

Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek, 17 Days Fixed Departure! March 2016

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Manaslu Circuit Basic Lodge Trek Manaslu Trek is a well-loved trekking route, providing with pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience around the 8156m Manaslu. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity. Trekking around Manaslu offers a unique opportunity to experience a reasonably "untouched" region ... [ Read more ]

Saga Dawa Festival at Mt. Kailash departure, 2016 from Kathmandu

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking The Saga Dawa festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 4th Tibetan month and is one of the most important religious festivals celebrated in Tibet. This auspicious day coincides with three important events in Buddha's life namely his birth, nirvana and parinirvana (death). Since the Saga Dawa festival falls on the holiest month of the Tibetan calendar, it is believed that good deeds and prayers are multiplied thousand ... [ Read more ]

Yartung Mela Family Trek to Muktinath, Lodge 9 Days August, 2016) Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking This is a festival family trekking destination in the mid western Himalaya of Nepal. This trek follows the Kali Gandaki valley, between the soaring peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, finally emerges to the north of the main Himalayan range, on the dry desert-like Tibetan Plateau. This trek is specially for families, trekking to Muktinath during their holiday in Nepal. We ran our family treks also during the festival season, when ... [ Read more ]

Everest Mani Rimdu Festival Lodge Trek, 11 Days November 2017

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Festival date November 2016 This is one of the most popular family trekking destinations in Nepal which was UNESCO listed the park as a world heritage site in 1979 for its unique natural diversity, traditional Sherpa cultures and beautiful landscape as well as spectacular scenery of world’s greatest mountains. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is known in Nepal as “Sagarmatha” (Head of the Oceans) ... [ Read more ]

Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang Lodge Trek 18 Days, (Full Moon of May) 2017

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Tenji/Tiji Festival Trek in Upper Mustang This is one of the most popular trekking destinations for the traveler who would like to explore ancient monasteries and caves in a remote area and a beautiful landscape. This is the forbidden kingdom and ancient wall city of Mustang and it is open for trekkers since 1992. This trek is very enjoyable due to its isolation and beautiful landscape. Mustang is a ... [ Read more ]

Long Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang Valley, Gosaikund Lake and Helambhu Lodge Trek 27 Days

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking This is a superb introduction to trekking in Nepal among some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole country, with rich Tamang, Bhote, Sherpa (Yolmo) culture. Many years ago Nepal, fought with Tibet for salt and some of the biggest areas where this war took place is in the Langtang Region of Nepal, wherein lies the third most popular trekking trail in Nepal. This area is connected to Tibet and the trails in this region were ... [ Read more ]

Naar and Phoo Valley - Tilicho Lake Lodge and Partly Camping Trek, 20 Days Fixed Departure

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking This is one of the best hidden valley and the land of Snow Leopard treks, opened fortrekkers in Nein 2003. It offers an incredible view of majestic mountains in the high lands, Bhote communities, beautiful medieval & ancient remote villages, amazing rock formations, glaciers, several passes, narrow canyons, lovely forests, old monasteries, unique Himalayan and Tibetan culture, real life styles, and high altitude ... [ Read more ]

Everest the hard way, via Renjo Pass, Chola Pass and Khongmala Pass Lodge Trek, 21 Days Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Three High Passes Trek This spectacular trek will more than satisfy the ambitious trekkers’ intent on crossing high passes without the commitment to any technical climbing. The trek offers an enduring experience of natural beauty, geological magnificence and profound cross-cultural discovery. The Sherpa residents of Khumbu, the great valley below Mount Everest, believe that all things - mountains, plants ... [ Read more ]

Langtang Classic Lodge Trek, 15 Days Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Langtang Classic Trek The deep gorges of Bhote Koshi and Langtang Khola are thickly forested with rhododendron, oak, maple and alder trees. The stretch of forest around Ghode Tabela in the lower Langtang Valley and below the Gosainkund Lakes is inhabited by the very shy red panda, a rare and threatened symbol of a healthy Himalayan ecosystem. Other animals, common to these forests are yellow throated ... [ Read more ]

Below Gaurishankar, Rolwaling Valley, Camping Trek 22 Days, off the beaten trails...Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to Gaurishankar and Rolwaling Valley Trek Trekking in Rolwaling is one of Nepal's finest high mountain valleys West of the Khumhu, directly on the Tibetan frontier there is a wild, lonely high valley the "Rolwaling" which is called simply "the grave" by the indigenous Sherpa's on account of its location - buried down between steep ice-giants. Many mysterious stories have been passed on about this ... [ Read more ]

“The Lost Valley of Naar-Phu” Lodge Trek, 16 Days Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Introduction to “The Lost Valley of Naar-Phu” Trek The Naar Phu region is the most remote of the Manang District and access is granted only with the purchase of a special permit. This area consists of two main villages - Naar with 300 permanent residents called Naar-ten and Phu with 200 permanent residents called Phu-ten. These remote villages are situated above tree line and completely cut off during the ... [ Read more ]

Saribung Expedition (Mustang to Naar-Phu) Basic Lodge and Camping Trek, 27 Days October Fixed Departure!

Swiss Nepal Family Trekking Saribung Expedition Trek is a newly opened Trekking route in 2006. It is a challenging trekking trail off the beaten track crossing also a difficult pass. Saribung is part of Mustang and Damodar Himal, close to the border of China (Tibet). The trails are rugged, cutting high into cliff sides and pass villages that have changed little over the last centuries. Saribung Trek can also be donen the other way round ... [ Read more ]

There will be a cancellation fee of 25% for any cancellation three weeks prior to Tour departure date, 50% two weeks prior to Tour departure date and no refund thereafter. No refund for no shows & delay arrivals whatsoever reason.




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